Hector scoops Curry Award

April 1st, 2011

Unbelievably, Hector is able announce that he has been unanimously voted  Curry Lover of the Year  for 2011.  This is all the more remarkable given the anonymity of ‘Hector’ who has sought no publicity and whose true identity is known to but a few.  However, with 30000 ‘hits’ in the first year perhaps this was to be exected, oops, modesty oot ra windae’

Hector especially wishes to thank his overseas readers who have taken the time to vote and cough up the postage to send back the required forms.  If anyone has not registered a vote then they may still do by downloading the form.  Hector shall be voting for Glasgow’s Yadgar Kebab House and in particular Mr Sha (correction, ‘Shah’) as Chef of the Year.

I am pleased to announce this on this very special day when the Curry-Heute Blog celebrates its first year of recording the splendor of Curry.  It is also two years today since a certain trip embarked on a tour of the Amercian west culminating in a trip to The Grand Canyon.  There were no Curry houses at this locus…


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4 Responses to Hector scoops Curry Award

  1. Neil says:

    Surely you are Curry Lover of every year? ;0)


  2. Ahmed Afzal says:

    OOps. 🙂

  3. Hector says:


    Did you check the date?

    One can but dream..


  4. Ahmed Afzal says:

    Dear Hector,


    One minor correction; the Chef at Yadgar is Mr. “Shah” and not Mr. “Sha”.

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