The Scotish Curry Awards 2011

Curry-Heute is now one year old.

On Friday, the calendar date inspired Hector to test the mettle of his readers. By Friday evening congratulations were rolling in.  The expression on Robin’s face when I told him I had made it all up was worth it.  Yesterday at the Ally, Yvonne turned up beaming.  After I had owned up she couldn’t believe it was not true.  ‘Craig says you deserve it.’

It was only on Friday that I realised that ‘Trampy and the Tramps Glasgow of Curry’ last year’s winner of Curry Lover of the Year, had acknowledged the existence of Curry-Heute back on January 6th. Their comments are certainly appreciated.  You can only win this award once, and unless there is a spontaneous outbreak of voting how would one ever come to gain the recognition?  One generally has to stand for election and then campaign.  Today I shall be emailing everyone in my mailing list to this effect.

How many votes it takes to win who knows?  Who is the opposition?

There is no need to download the nomination form, Yasmin at Oceanic Consulting has provided the follwing  email address.   Simply email

Hector for Curry Lover of the Year 2011.

The required details to quote:

Hector              The Curry Lover of the Year

If you wish also to vote for Mr Shah and Yadgar too then send separate emails.

The deadline is April 15.

If success does not prevail then I shall have to be a really annoying old Hector come 2012.


Thanks to all those who vote, and apologies, if required,  to those taken in on April 1st.


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