It is Saturday, it is 15.00, it is The Village

Dr Stan, Robin, Howard and Tracey were standing outside the still temporary Village premises (129 Nelson St, Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) when Hector arrived punctually.  The table was not ready.  Yvonne had texted to say she and Craig would be ten minutes late.  Jonathan was later still. The front of house staff have all changed in the last few weeks and so our party were strangers to the them.

Dr Stan and Hector had a new strategy to overcome the small-ish portions now being served up, we would share a third Curry.  This was the Lamb Aloo from the Specials Board.  For my main the Lamb Laal Lahori was the selection from the Desi part of the menu.  Dr Stan, Howard and Yvonne had the classic Village Lamb Desi Korma. Tracey investigated the possibility of having a Keema version created (not on the menu) and there was compliance. Jonathan had the third great Desi dish on offer The Tawa.  Robin, who rarely eats his Curry this early in the day, selected the Lamb Bhuna, and Craig opted for the Chicken Tikka Balti, or the Baby Food.  Many plates of Vegetable Rice were ordered and Plain Basmati too and only a solitary Paratha.

One Robin

It was approaching 15.50 when the dishes started to arrive from the kitchen.  Both my dishes came first.  The Plain Rice portions were well behind the rest of the order which was somewhat frustrating for those who sat watching their food go cold.  It was only then that the Paratha was even considered.  This is the penalty for dining in such a large group, they never manage to get all the dishes out together.

The Laal Lahori was a pleasant change.  The rich Tomato flavoured Masala comes through strongly.  I had asked for it hot, it was.  However, the Lamb Aloo was even hotter! A portion and a half left Dr Stan and Hector very well fed indeed.  Five hours later Jonathan was hungry again, he should have planned his day better.

Yvonne ate all of her Rice which made her realise the portion must have been smaller.  Indeed, the consensus around the table was that we had been given less than we have become used to over the years.  That every plate and serving dish was scraped clean suggests most could have eaten more.  Dr Stan plodded on to the end of his 1.5 Curry Portions and stated that he had again thoroughly enjoyed his meal.

That’s the way to do it.

The Bill

£82 between eight of us.  This remains excellent value but I believe we would be happier to pay a pound or so more and not have Hector making negative comments about one of his favourite Curry Houses.

The New Premises

Posted April 24th, 2010: What is happening? Posters on the window…ah the planned renovations are under way. The downstairs is being expanded into the industrial unit across the small lane, strange, but we will find out when all is complete in two months.

Polished stone cladding has covered up the bare blocks that have been the facade over the winter.  The end must be in sight.  Two months?

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