Happy Birthday, Hector!

Today is a semi-significant birthday for Hector

The largest Curry-Heute ever cooked at Ashdot will be presented at 16.00.  An attempt at mass production of my own version (cf Hector’s Curry Recipes in menu above) of Lamb Desi Korma inspired by The Village has been underway since Tuesday when the Lamb was placed in the Yogurt and Mixed Spice Marinade for two days.

Two versions are being presented: the Man’s Curry and the Baby’s Curry.

At the time of writing the Lamb appears to have pulped somewhat.  KRK, my usual supplier of Lamb is currently closed and so the quality of meat purchased may not be up to scratch.  What is certain, the Rice this time will not be stodgy.

As one guest does not eat Lamb, Tracy will have a (hot) Murgh Palak (above).

Spud-You-Don’t Like

There is a collective preference in this company for Potatoes to be served with Curry (Steve excepted).  To this end two bags of New Potatoes were added to the three incarnations.  Despite being checked for softness, they were in the majority still too hard on serving.  Very poor.

The Curry-Heute

The Baby’s Curry certainly ended up with the most mushed Lamb.  Those who tried both could not tell much difference.  The Man’s Curry certainly had the best of the Lamb.  A huge dent was made in the pot so a fair share was consumed by all.  The Chicken Palak  was devoured so I never had the chance to taste any.

The Day After

Both leftover Lamb Curries were combined into a single pot and the Potatoes carefully removed.  The Potatoes were boiled for another twenty minutes and checked – perfection!  Lord and Lady Clive of Crawley accompanied Hector for a Curry breakfast/lunch.  Still the Potatoes were hard… how can this be possible?

The Lesson

Do not add New Potatoes to a Curry.

…and make sure you spell it out: this is not a ‘fancy dress’ party…

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