Mr India – Thali, open tonight!

Hector finds a midweek opportunity to get out for a solo venture and on John’s insistence, drives across the city to try and gain access to Mr India – Thali (470 Paisley Rd, Glasgow, G5 8RE).  I had to drive past The Village to get here, what does that say?

The place is certainly the most basic of Curry outlets.  Four bench tables and two individual tables were on offer.  Given the photographic intentions I selected the small table behind the pillar, let’s not make a scene.

Hector had to go back up to the counter to order my meal.  Karahi Methi Gosht,  just the six Karahi dishes to choose from, superb.  A young lady with her coat on took the order.  She left the premises immediately afterwards.

I could hear intensive scraping coming from the rear of the room.  That familiar ‘old fashioned’ Curry aroma of the late 1960s wafted, this was promising.

John had raved about the array of Starters and the availability of Tiffin.  Picture this: £120 per month for Special Non Vegetarian Tiffin: one’s lunch on a daily basis.  Those who live nearby could right scunner themselves.

A young chap I had only caught glimpses of, the Chef presumably brought the meal to the table.  The Karahi was on a plate, no pretensions.  A large dinner plate of Nawabi (Egg and Peas) Rice was the presented accompaniment.  This looked impressive.

The Negatives

Where is my Fanta?  Am I to eat with my fingers.  This was resolved whilst I busied myself with the new camera.  Do I get a glass?  Perhaps.  The table was covered in something sticky when I sat down and as nobody had come out, this remained the scenario throughout the visit.  Cutlery and a glass were issued.

The Curry

The Lamb Karahi was certainly served in a sufficiently sized portion.  The Meat was in large-ish pieces.  The Masala looked absolutely perfect; the Methi gave it that Herbal appearance I crave.    The taste was not as overwhelming as I hoped.  This was certainly thoroughly pleasant though not outstanding.    Would there be more to report?

Indeed, I was a hungry old Hector and wolfed down the meal.  In the second half the tastes were slowly emerging.  These were indeed very good but I could not place this dish as highly as other outlets.  I shall return for the Karahi Bhoona and ask for it to be served hotter.

The Endgame

I took my meat plate, scraped clean, along with the dinner plate on which not a single grain of Rice remained – back to the counter.  This is not normal behaviour but as the only customer I was determined to make the most of the visit.  The calling card created an interest in Hector.  I asked what I should try next time.  A variety of suggestions were offered – Paneer, alas this could come up faster than it would go down such can be my problem with Cheese.  Chana was mooted – not a Chickpea Starter but as a side dish.

The Chef introduced himself – Abby.  Abby was on duty with his Aunt.  She smiled graciously.  The Uncle was on holiday in India, it is his venture but Abby is the Chef.  Abby made the visit memorable not just in his cooking but in the fact that he did take the time to make me a welcomed Hector.

Hector will certainly be back.  On the drive home the ever increasing score from Inverness made the palate savour more.  The aftertaste was coming through.  Ah, Karra!

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