Mr India – Thali for Breakfast

If it’s this cold here, what will it be like in Aberdeen?

Before heading to the frozen north, Hector was duty bound collect his dear lady from the end of her sporting fixture on the South-Side. Breakfast on the hoof was called for and where finer than a quick stop at Mr India – Thali (470 Paisley Rd, Glasgow, G5 8RE). John has been highly complementing the Lunches/Tiffin on offer here. This was the perfect opportunity.

Hector presented at 11.50, Abby was once more in attendance. I could sense he vaguely remembered my last visit. By the end of the meal he was able quote Curry-Heute, so a good impression all round then.

I shall not dwell long on the offer of a Burger after I informed Mein Host that I only required a Snack. The Thali steel plates were on the counter – I enquired and the words Chicken and Chickpeas were forthcoming. OK, let’s go for this.

Robin would smile

Time was limited so it was very pleasing when within ten minutes the presentation arrived – it looked splendid. Indian Tapas! A stainless steel goblet of water was part of the array. The cutlery was not an issue this time. This looked most appetising.

This indeed was Curry for breakfast, and why not? The Chicken Curry portion was not particularly outstanding but the Chana dish was tremendous. Hector is not a big fan of Chickpeas yet loves Falafel. This was easily the best (non Falafel) Chickpea dish I have ever tasted. I must make a point of having this as a side with any future Curry ordered at Mr India. The Lime on the Raita also made me finish all of the Chapatti even though I had probably eaten enough for this time of day.

At £4 this was a splendid way to start the day.

But this was only Curry-Heute #1

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