Hector turns the gun on himself…

Others must suffer

This has been the motto of Hector for many years, today I am victim of my own philosophy.  Enjoyment, a personal experience of something pleasurable – made all the more pleasurable by informing the non-participants that they are missing out.

Hector is at Malham Tarn Field Centre, work the rest out for yourself. Lamb Curry was this evening’s meal. It had to be had.

‘The Bisto Taste’ is how I have come to describe such Curry where the Onion base is non-existent, evidently, and there is a monotone flavour.

This is catering for the masses, kids too. They did have the choice but then who is going to serve up something akin to what could be served in a Curry House? But then again I have been served this meal too often in restaurants, especially abroad where they claim to be Indian Restaurants.

At least there was plenty of it.

 The Karl Pinkerton Moment : Splendid as the Field Centre looks, one gets a more interesting view from the window looking out, for once.

What makes this evening all the more ironic is that over the horizon lies Bradford. One can almost see the spicy haze wafting over the distant hills.  Mr Holden is there, somewhere, I believe.  But he is incommunicado too.

The summer vacation in Greece is looming, there is no knowledge of anything decent until the end of the holiday. Just how desperate will Hector become, or will there be Stifados aplenty to keep me satisfied?

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