A very interesting evening, and a Yadgar Curry

Hello, Eddy

There I was sitting in The Other Place enjoying a pint of Kipling when a Chap passes and says ‘Hi, Hector, love your Blog!’  This is the first time Hector has ever been recognised by a complete stranger.  Knowing one of the people he was sitting with I went over to introduce myself properly.  Eddy lives near Yadgar, the lucky sod.

The requirement for Bier having been sated, there was a rendezvous planned for Curry with Marg at Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP).  Having had a weekend without my basic pleasures it was necessary to ensure that the body was put back on an even keel.  The Glasgow motorway network being as it is, it made more sense for me to jump across the river in a taxi.

Meet Ali Ali

The taxi driver was interested in my destination, he has eaten there once.  He claims he makes the best Curry in Glasgow – at his home.   Ali’s family agree. They think he should sell his wares, but premises could be a problem.   I encouraged him to open up a Curry Caravan on a side street off Pollokshaws Rd.  Back in the 1970s some guys had a sausage wagon around the Kingarth St area.  This would be a perfect location to try out this.  Mr Ali has my card; he can invite Hector to share a meal with him anytime.

1kg Goshat Karahi, hot, off-the bone

1 Mushroom Rice, and 2 Chapattis

The meal was pre-ordered on the M6 in the early afternoon.  Shkoor had fine-tuned the order later to confirm I wished it hot and dry, The Bradford Style.  I had insisted on no starters, of any kind.  I had eaten well at Malham; this was all about the sheer pleasure of eating Mr Shah’s creation once again.  There was no way Marg and I cold contemplate finishing this order, however the freezer would once more have a Yadgar Curry stored for future consumption, perfect.

The Lamb was cut even smaller than the norm for Yadgar, the Bradford influence is certainly evident.  The Curry was on the hot side for Marg, perhaps I should have let up on this requirement.  Did I mention it was hotThe Curry was hot. The Masala was non-existent, the taste indescribably wonderful.  This is how Hector loves his Curry.


There were three fire engines outside Ibrox last night…  This news does not appear anywhere else.  This Curry was also hotter than any fire at Ibrox…

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