Friday at Nandos, what on Earth…

There was a slight surplus of precipitation in the West of Scotland today, it poured down from 09.00 until about 21.00. Unfortunately for Hector, Marg and the Colleagues, this was the annual Sports Day at Linwood.  Many were soaked, something to do with inappropriate gear and not looking at the weather forecast. Serves them right.  The Charges were drenched. Hector was only slightly damp underfoot.

There is a now annual ritual after a day in Linwood, a visit to Escape and the delight that is Nandos.  The Ashoka, Johnstone did come to mind, but then there would be no ritual.

A half Chicken – Black Flag (the hottest), Garlic Bread and Spicy Rice is deemed to be the most satisfying creation.  The meaty Olives were passed on due the recent consumption of a sandwich or two, normally ten.

Finger Lickin’ Good

Eating Chicken the way it was meant to be eaten, as Marg remarked we eat Curry this way too.  Who needs utensils?

A bottle of the Super Bock (at 5.2% hardly a Bock) felt well earned.  This accompanied the most important bottle, the extra hot Peri Peri  to ensure that no meat is left white.  Hector is looking forward to tomorrow morning already.

The next week is going to feature an overindulgence in Curry leading to a possible two week drought.  It is also a time to say farewell to the Chaps and Chapattis before embarking on the annual vacation.  Where better to start than The Other Place?

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