Keema Mutter – Curry Lessons

Last year it was A beginner’s Chicken Curry.  This year it had to be something different but still straightforward.  Mince and Peas, how common is that?  Call it Keema Mutter and it becomes exotic.

The challenge was to teach the methods, familiarise The Charges with the ingredients and prepare six pots between eight people in 100 minutes.

The ingredients were all purchased freshly yesterday at KRK (Woodlands Rd, Glasgow).  The Onions were the biggest I had ever seen, I had to have them.  Eight separate bags of (Halal) Lamb Mince were prepared. The Chap at KRK even helped me out to the car.

Chop Chop

Eight people chopping the largest Onions, tears were inevitable. We had a mountain of Onions spread around the room, but from here lies to the route to the perfect Masala.  There was much loving of the Onions as the various pots were attended to.

Somebody lost some Mince, I know not how.  There was a debate as to whether two Green Chillies was enough or excessive.  ‘How do you make a Korma’  Maybe next year.

It is strange to see the same ingredients go on to the same cooker or six rings and the results came out so varyingly. Hector limited his tasting to three of the six pots, Chris’ had the edge.

With more time we could have reduced the liquid to make a thicker Masala, but when the bell rings…

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