Ten days without Curry

Hector has been in self inflicted purgatory, of sorts.  It was only fair after the indulgences at the end of June.  Somehow, one feels the waistline has taken an ever expanding course after the wonderful experience that is Greek Cuisine.

The standout venue has been the Family Restaurant at Kamari, Santorini.  More Photos and accolades will appear, amongst a plethora of pictures of superb dishes which I tasted and the world can salivate at.

Seriously, Jamie is…

The joy of the trip, apart from shaking off Olive and Maggie was the discovery, by instinct, of the best venue in Syros.  There we met Jamie from Campbletown, an export from the Scottish shipyard expertise of years gone by.  The reader will not believe the introduction, he introduces himself as The Man from Delmonte…

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