An Athena Curry House – The Dhaka Palace

Unlucky Thirteen – or Anything for a Curry

It was a fifteen minute walk in the  darkening dusk from the main Athens Police Station, located behind the Presidential Palace, to Geraniou St, off Omonia. On the way we passed the police/militia held in reserve just off Syntagma Square where the hordes were assembling for another evening of political demonstration. Geraniou St was in near darkness by the time we reached it. Chaps of different ethnic backgrounds were already blocking parts of the street. On our last visit to the Dhaka Palace (26 Geraniou St, 10552, Athens) four years ago, we had to make a forty five minute detour to get back to the Plaka and a zone for comfort. This evening Hector was ready to take on all comers after the events of the tram journey from Glyfada up to Athens.  Thirteen days without Curry-Heute.

The Dhaka Palace is not located in a nice part of town, if the Curry was as good as last time, then the risk was within acceptable parameters. What else could go wrong, Hector had been pick pocketed and lost all means of mobile communication and photographic recording of the evening’s events. It was now all down to Marg.

As before, we were ushered straight through to the back. A tall, and much welcomed, bottle of cold mineral water was presented along with the menus. One side of each page was in Greek, the other in a more familiar language – that of Curry.

Still slightly on edge, Hector thought a Bier might be justified. Paulaner was on the list but was more mythical than the local brew. I decided that the standard fizzy water, or Club Soda, would suffice.

We both ordered the Lamb Karahi, ever a creature of habit, I could have been reading off the very same menu as four years prior. Then the Pound was worth something, Greece is no longer a cheap place to visit. Austerity – when does this begin?

A Special Fried Rice looked the best choice for Sides. Although not listed on the menu we negotiated two Chapattis. All set then, our usual order.

The Full Robin

We did have to wait quite some time. I am always happy to do so when the end result reflects the level of input. The Rice arrived first – a very different presentation than the norm. Sliced Tomatoes made an interesting adornment, Green Beans and Peas were present too. Was this one portion or two? Either way there was much more than the two of us would ever manage.

The Curry came moments later, two delightful bowls containing Lamb, some of which turned out to be on-the-bone and a somewhat oily looking Masala. Two very large and fresh looking Chapattis appeared and were quickly dipped into the Masala – oh yes! Has it really been thirteen nights since I last tasted the king of all foods? This was truly superb, the old fashioned Curry taste I have referred to on many occasions.

As well as the obvious, there were tiny pieces of bone in the Masala, one had to be careful. The Lamb was maybe not have been the best of quality, but the quantity and taste ensure that this venue remains highly regarded by Hector.

The Bill

The best €31 I have spent this summer.

In exchange for my calling card, mein host gave me a couple of brochures. I hope he takes time to look up this review.

The streets were much quieter when we departed, maybe the crowd had gone down to Syntagma Square to join the other demonstrators.

We shall be back in February. Athens in winter, hopefully less stressful than today.

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  1. john S says:

    That was you – was it ?

  2. Tracey says:

    I sent a nasty text message to your phone… I hope the f*ckwit who stole it got the message.

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