Punjabi, North Street, next door to The Bon Accord

The Punjabi (157 – 159 North Street, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 7DA) may be immediately next door to the famous Bon Accord (still an Ale House?) and on the same block as the Café India was sited before another famous Glasgow fire, yet one has the feeling that the punters are not coming.

On Thursday after our return from Berlin, Marg and Hector were greeted by Hari resting in the cool evening air on the newly positioned ‘Taylor Bed’ bench outside the Bon Accord.  He addressed me by name and pointed out that I had not set foot in his premises since the opening night.  Hector (&co) was the first paying customer.

The Punjabi, Charing Cross was my intended port of call on Friday but they had not yet opened

Once the Bad Boys Club disbanded this evening, Hector knew that he could not possibly head towards the train station and not investigate the premises next door from the Bon Accord.   It is written.

The Lone Diner

Hari and co were sitting in the seats facing the door.  There was not a customer in the place. I  verified that I was welcome and sat in the seat beside Hari.  There was a brief discussion along Curry lines.  I was not offered a menu and none was asked for.  Hari already knew what Hector was going to be presented with, Hector had to wait to discover.

There was an intense sound of scraping and Curry preparation coming form the kitchen.  Hari’s head popped back ‘Do you want Rice?’  ‘In Bradford I am used to eating Chapattis.’  Why I thought this was the appropriate reply who knows, I was on Curry auto drive.  Bring me the best food possible, was going through my mind.

I had to ask

On Hari’s next appearance I had to ask what I was being served with: ‘Lamb, Ginger, Lime, on-the-bone – you like a kick’  People must actually read this Blog.

Yesterday at Yadgar I marvelled at the smooth, roundness of flavour which laps over the tongue, this was something else.  The Citrus was to the fore.  Some of the Lamb was Lamb Chops, some of the Lamb was off-the-bone, the blend was perfect.

I probably would never have ordered this dish, had I ever seen a menu.  Is this on the menu ? How would Hector know, he has never seen a menu in two visits to the Punjabi.  The meat was perfect; the Masala was minimal and thick.  The Hector Curry.  Am I being set up?


The Bill

£12,30.  With a Sparking Water this was well within acceptable parameters, remember this is the edge of Town, and nearer Charing Cross is a venue which is well towards charging this as soon a one sits down and looks at the Poppadoms.

Once again, dear reader, I ask you to stop going to the same old tired Curry Houses and give somewhere else a try.  It doesn’t have to be here, but if you spot a table cloth – run!

Curry tastes better without a table cloth, it also costs appreciably less.

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