Gent – The Himalaya, the worst Curry since Bamberg

This restaurant is popular with the locals, they may never actually have eaten a genuine Curry.

The Himalaya was one of the two Gent Curry Houses which Google Maps revealed, the Raj being the other. Both are located along the canal bank opposite the world famous Waterhuis where The Friends of Hector had been royally welcomed by Jeff, the brewer at Steen Brugge. (cf

When it was declared Curry Time, Neil and Le Frere Gerard found themselves sitting opposite Hector. The Lamb Kadai looked as though it would tick enough boxes: the thick sauce and the mention of herbs was tempered by the Green Chilly. What did they mean? In order to avoid the dreaded Capsicum I asked the waiter: ‘The Green Chilly, are they long, thin and spicy, or are they bell shaped shaped and sweet?’ ‘They are are red!’

Try again

I established they were indeed Capsicum so I turned to the the Lamb Spinach. Palak Gosht, in Belgium? Neil ordered a Fish Curry, Lamb would have kept us prisoner all night with his chewing regime. Thoughtful. Le Frere Gerard had a Lamb Dansak, I think. These may have been the only two words I heard throughout, apart from ‘OK’ at the end.

The Popadoms

Three conical and minimal Popadoms were issued. The dips were minimal too. Within minutes the Mains arrived. Once again I can only describe my own meal.


What is this that stands before me?   Palak Gosht?

This is (normally) a dark Curry,  with a thick Masala, and challenging on the palate. Tonight Hector was presented with a yellow, thin Masala, bits of Lamb and some green stuff strewn over the top, maybe as an afterthought. I was less than impressed. Actually, I was appalled.

There was a hint of Spice to distinguish the dish from a plate of stew. The colour was horrendous. The Masala may never have met a Onion. The Spinach was a topping, this was not a Lamb-Spinach Curry.


Why do Chaps who know what Curry is serve this up to the good people of Europe? This is insulting the good name of Curry. Was there a Chef? Has he ever been trained in the art of pulping Onions? One has to despair. Such venues would not last a night in Glasgow.

A Post Apperitif

A liqueur which looked like Lassi came with the bill. €51 was the damage. For what?

Neil said his Fish was ‘OK’, the Dansak looked thin. My own meal was simply poor.

The Calling Card

I gave the Doris my card:

‘Tell the Chef not to commit suicide next week when he sees the revue of this Curry. This is the worst Curry I have had in ages.’ Actually, Bamberg to be precise.

‘You mean today?’ the waitress responded, no doubt looking at the Curry-Heute card.

‘Yes, today, now, here in Gent…’

The restaurant was full. People eat this? I looked in at the Raj on the way back. All décor and atmosphere, few customers. Is this for the discerning diner? It will probably take another trip to Belgium to find out.

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