Bombay Duck

Bombay Duck has been banned in the EU for some time.  Yesterday at KRK whilst replenishing the stocks it was spotted.  I was told this Dried Fish delicacy is brought in via Italy.  Who cares from where it comes, this is part of Hector’s diet that has been missing for years.  ‘Fry” it says on the packet, well that didn’t work.  Oven baking may create the crispy texture required.

It is never too early to eat Bombay Duck.

Hector also purchased his first ever Karela.  Having seen the so called Bittter Melon on the shelves and never having known what to do with it, this week’s Home Cooked Hector Curry will feature this very dry tasting Vegetable.  Mein Host at KRK gave me clear instructions on how to prepare it.

Hector is still on vacation!

Congratulations to The Tramp who was married this morning.

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