Mother India’s Cafe, it must be a Sunday afternoon

The Hockey season cannot be fully underway yet, Marg is free!  Butter Chicken at Mother India’s Café (1355 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8AD) remains her favourite Curry, anywhere.  Unbelievably it is February since we last indulged.


Marg also selected the Coriander and Lime Trout to accompany her usual Lemon Rice.  Hector was hoping for the magnificent Kofta Palak, but again this was not on the Specials Menu, a great pity as I feel this should be on the Regular Menu, it is that wonderful.  Fortunately the Lamb Massalum with Okra was on the Specials to accompany the mandatory Machi Masala and two Chapattis.

We had moments to notice the new décor, new wall coverings and padded seats along the walls.  Business must be good.  Some new black and white photos adorn the walls; I feel I know most of these Asian culinary celebrities.

The dishes started to appear: the Lamb Massalum arrived along with the Rice and the Butter Chicken.  Marg was straight in to her favourite dish.  She loves the richness of the Masala and the fact that the slight kick is not excessive.  She also regards the portion as perfect, more would be too much.  Her Fish dish came wrapped in foil, I was permitted a taste.  It was Trout with Coriander and Lime, it did exactly what it said on the tin (foil), and no more.

The Machi Masala is something else, the best Fish Curry outside of München? Today the Lamb Massalum did not hit the spot.  It was not Karrah!  There was no Salt evident, perhaps this was the after effect of the Fish dish, I have had much better here.

A third Chapatti had to be ordered to polish off the feast.

Hector is happy on the inside…

Café Latte

Marg enjoyed a well presented and hot coffee, in fact a couple came in and sat at the adjacent table and coffee was all they ordered.  Is something new underway?

The Bill

£30.55.  The Rice portion at £1.95 is excessive.  Nothing here is cheap, but one does not dine here every week.  A wonderful restaurant with a unique ambience and great service.  The food is usually outstanding.

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