A quick visit to Cafe Salma

Hector was here to primarily see Hassan.  There is another Curry-Heute planned, but when Hassan says are you staying to eat – one eats.

 Hector was at Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, Charing X, Glasgow, G3 7PQ) earlier than a normal Friday.  Today was part two in the organising of a major event.  When I returned to the table, the complementary Poppadoms and Chutney were already waiting.  I ate one.  One Poppadom is an ouef.

 An interrupting phone call informed me that  Dr Stan and Jonathan had just arrived at Traben-Trarbach.  This is the Wolf Strassenfest weekend, Lord Clive, Maggie and Hector hope to be there at 10.00 tomorrow morning.


Hector has had Kofta Palak in his mind for some weeks now.  This was to be a worthy snack before heading off to Glasgow Airport.

Four large Lamb Meatballs in the thickest Spinach Masala imaginable were presented.  Superb.  The accompanying Chapatti was just right.  Again, Edinburgh readers, please note the generous size and thickness.

It is a while since I have had a whole portion of Kofta Palak to myself.  Excellent as it is, I do not feel it really constitutes a main course.  For those not dining alone, why not order it as a Starter and share?  Or better still, order it as Dessert!

 Hassan asked me: ‘How’s the Food?’

‘I may come back…’

‘Yes with thirty five others…’

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