Taj, a long overlooked Clydebank Takeaway

Taj (697 Dumbarton Road, Clydebank, G81 4HD) has been in situ since 1996.  Hector did not know this until he was conversing with Mein Host whilst waiting for his Methi Gosht and Special Fried Rice.

The menu comes through my door a couple of times a year.  The frequency that I visit local Takeaways is minimal, however Tuesdays are currently non-cooking nights as cooking for one is at best tedious.  A perfect opperchancity to experiment.  I had also spotted Methi Gosht on the menu.  This is too much for Hector to resist once his mind is set.

Located near the main Dalmuir junction in the heart of Dalmuir, I wonder why I never knew of the Taj’s precise location, or of its lengthy existence.  Kurdish is the Lingua Franca behind the counter.  Trade was brisk; once again I spotted no plastic gloves in a Clydebank Takeaway.  The Nan Donner looked well handled before a young mother collected her evening meal.

The Rice I was promised would have Mushroom and Peas, the menu also said Onion but nothing about the occasional pieces of Capsicum that fought their way into my container.  The portion was ample; well they have to fill the plastic containers, don’t they?

The Methi Gosht looked the part.  Thankfully this was not yet another Clydebank Red Curry with excessive Onions.  Indeed, for Clydebank, the Onion content was well understated.  The meat was plentiful.  The pieces were large.  Who were they trying to impress?

The first few mouthfuls of Methi Gosht and Rice worked very well.   The Lamb was tender, I had selected the smaller pieces on the plate.  I counted the Lamb chunks, twelve in all and most of these were larger than single bite.  This was another Lamb Feast!

The quality of the Lamb varied throughout the meal, my very last piece was decidedly firm and chewy which I do not mind when it is in isolation.  Most of the Lamb was most acceptable.

A single Clove, Cardamom, Curry Leaf, and Methi/Coriander stalk gave themselves up as I ate the meal.  The Methi could have been more evident, or was it the lack of Salt which held the flavour back?

There were moments when I was thoroughly enjoying this dish and thought perhaps I had found somewhere special.

 Overall I cannot criticise too much.  At £7.50 this was good value.  Two people could easily have shared the Curry given the massive quantity of Lamb.  How could anyone eat a Starter before this?

Shall I return? 

I tend to go east and south to eat Glasgow Curry.

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