The Mother of Hector visits Yadgar!

Hector finds himself on vacation one week sooner than the rest of the teaching fraternity in the West of Scotland.  Marg decreed it was time to take Mother out for a Curry-Heute.  The Mother of Hector could claim that Yadgar (148  Calder St, Glasgow, G42 7QP )  is her local Curry House, if the grill joint on Aikenhead Rd is dismissed.

High Noon

Shkoor was forewarned of the impending moment, 1kg of Goshat Karahi (boneless) was ordered in advance along with two Veggie Rice and three Chapattis.  High Noon was in fact to be 18.00.

Road Report #1

Marg, Hector and the Mother of Hector entered Yadgar at precisely the agreed moment.  En route, the new Polmadie exit to the M74 was attempted for the first time.  Who has put a sign for Polmadie to the right, and Oatlands to the left at the end of the slipway?  The Polmadie route takes you to Govanhill.   Useless!

The venue was a bit on the chilly side, coats were kept on until we had acclimatised  The Complementary Onion Chutney and Popadoms appeared soon after we had taken our seats.  The Mother of Hector demanded Mango Chutney, Hector made it so.  Two Mango Lassis were ordered for the ladies, Hector had  his now usual Rubicon Mango fizz.

Shkoor appeared from nowhere, how does he do this?  He must have a hideyhole on the premises.  The wonderful Karahi was brought to the table.  The two Veggie Rice were already in situ.  The Chapattis completed the array, it was time to feast.

Tonight’s Goshat Karahi looked the part, the Masala was minimal.  Even more Mango Chutney was ordered to appease the Mother of Hector, she finally started to eat the wonderful Curry set before her.

Marg instantly declared it was too hot for her.  Hector announced that this Curry had to be up to the standards expected by The Mother of Hector.  There were no complaints from our guest, who simply got stuck in.  When she spooned even more from the generous Karahi, I knew she was enjoying the finest Curry served in Glasgow.  Did she make any positive comment?… of course not, we Hectors are made of sterner stuff.

Hector can declare that this is the best Curry he has had here in some visits, so this must have made it outstanding.  Eventually there were positive pronouncements from the Lady.

Shkoor appeared once more during the meal to ensure all was well.  Marg took the opportunity to order another Lassi, what a mistake.  Shkoor, the gentleman, was in full charm mode.  I introduced the Lady who had force-fed, sorry, strongly encouraged, Hector to eat Curry form a very early age.  The Mother of Hector will probably remember Shkoor to her cronies more than the taste of the Curry.   She has a wee Take-Away for luch tomorrow.

The Mother of Hector has stated that she will return to Yadgar!

The Bill

 £29.90.  In his most magnanimous mood, Shkoor had waved the cost of the drinks.  Between three, this is tremendous value.  The gesture is always appreciated.

The Aftermath

On our exit I spotted the Tripe Curry, it looks enticing.  Perhaps when Mr Holden next appears in Glasgow we may sample it?

Road Report #2

The cones at the north end of Aikenhead Rd are very confusing.  No, I did not hit any!  In the dark, Hector found himself on the wrong side of the road at the traffic lights.  Unperturbed he crossed back over.  I have driven this road for nearly forty years, why am I confused now?

Tomorrow, München!

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  1. Euan Fraser says:

    After reading your adventures, I think I must visit this place. It is only round the corner from me and I feel I am missing out on a great Glasgweign experience……..

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