Who mentioned The Village?

This is only Hector’s ninth visit to The Village (129 Nelson St, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) this year.  Given that three of these were in January might go some way towards the enforcement of the feeling that all is not what it was.  The temporary accommodation has now been occupied for some eighteen months.  Master Baig told me this evening that they hope to be in by December.  ‘This year?’ I asked.

Steve and Hector had to make a dash across to the South Side, so a quick Curry was required on the way home.  Both of us were ravenous.  Hector has just returned from deepest Perthshire where he was indeed fed, but UK style food..

The Masala Fish at £5.95 is an expensive start to a meal.  Tonight the appetite was sure it would be justified.  What came was a Pink Fish (on the inside) encrusted with Herbs and Spice.  It looked evil, it tasted wonderful.  I shall have this again.

Steve chose the Chicken and Garlic Puri, his first ever Puri – and it wasn’t Prawn!  Whilst he enjoyed it, I am certain I had the greater experience.

The main courses had to be The Big Two.

Steve ordered the Lamb Tawa (hot) and Hector the classic Village Lamb  Desi Korma (hot).  The waiter tried to encourage us to have them on-the-bone, but we know this compromises the meat content of the portion.  For Sides the Mushroom Rice and my usual Veggie Rice prevailed.

When the dishes arrived, the waiter could not tell them apart, this  was not encouraging.  The portion sizes looked as if they had recovered somewhat; however there was a lot of Masala.  The Lamb was thoroughly cooked through such that it was fork shreddable.  There was a familiar flavour but not the overwhelming Desi Korma – Yogurt and Citrus effect.  We did wonder if we had each others dinners. Steve commented on the Salt content of his meal.  After my recent Erlangen Curries I would not be in the position to notice.

We ate the lot. There was not much more to say, except I have forgotten how Oily the Curry is here.

The Bill

£31.80.  This is what happens when you have Starters.

The Aftermath

Master Baig asked what I thought of my meal.  ‘Not as good as was being served last year.’ was my reply.  I further qualified this by stating it did not look the same and he knows I photograph every Curry I eat.  I also told him the Citrus flavour was missing.   I was then informed that the it was the normal Chefs day off. Don’t go on a Wednesday then?

On the drive back the aftertastes came through.  Yes, I now knew I had been to The Village.

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