Why no Karela Gosht?

A Friday night Curry-Heute with Jonathan, ?Stan! was making a presentation at the Bon Accord.

Hector suggested we meet at The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow. G5 8DZ). The last visit was back in June when the whole troop turned out for a very impressive meal. A return was long overdue.

Arriving early Hector put in the agreed order for the excellent Karela Lamb Handi. The young Mein Host shook his head. ‘Not tonight.’ There was no reason given and so I asked for a suggestion.

Bindi Gosht was recommended, having watched Yvonne enjoy this dish in München some days before now seemed uncanny. The HTC enabled me to verify with my dining partner that all was in order.  Two Mushroom Rice and Two Chapattis were the Sundries.

I was told the meals would be ready by 18.15, this was good timing. At the New Karahi Palace the meals are cooked to order, I do not believe they operate the two sauce pot system here.

I had opted to sit downstairs in the main shop area. Upstairs started to fill up with young Asian families. The thunder of little hooves from above was decidedly off putting. Kids running riot is not Hector’s idea of a good start to the weekend.

Jonathan sat down and the food arrived. Two plates of Lamb on-the-bone, piled high and topped with Okra and Coriander. The Masala was minimal, this looked the Full Bhoona. The Mushroom Rice is virtually a meal in itself. One Chapatti, two Chapatti, they came five minutes apart. Strange.

The Lamb was perfect, the quantity impressive, and to think I could have ordered a half kilo… In a nearby venue, when one orders Lamb on-the-bone the meat content is compromised, not here.  The Okra was cooked  properly too,  and was abundant.  A Curry needs an Interesting Vegetable.

The flavour was familiar, has the Chef been to the Village? Then another flavour emerged, has the Chef been to Yadgar?   That the New Karahai Place lies between both these venues is also ironic. Dear Reader, you may now gather that this Curry was hitting the spot. It was not the Curry I came for, serendipity once again. It is about time this venue was fully highlighted on the Glasgow Curry Map.  This is quality Curry!

The Bill

£17.20, or £8.60 each! This was excellent value for an excellent Curry.

The Aftermath

Five visits now and on each visit I have been very impressed by the quality of the food on offer. This is very much a Curry Cafe, I have yet to take Marg, this could be the acid test. The biggest drawback I see to the New Karahi Palace is the lack of communication. The young Chap is the only person who appears to have any English. My attempt at phoning in an order was fruitless last time. The shrug accompanying the no Karela was not really on, it is on the menu so why is this Vegetable not in the shop? When one compares the welcome at Yadgar with what is on offer here it is night and day. This food should be eaten by more people, they badly need somebody front of house.

I was promised Karela next time.

 Mr. Holden is in town next week, if Hector has any influence on the choice of venue, the other Bradford Curry Guru could be brought here. Or will the temptation of Tripe at Yadgar be too much?

And there’s more…

The Bradford Curry Guru and Blogger is in town this weekend. At Hector’s suggestion he is headed to Cafe Salma. Good luck, John.


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