Bring on the Karahi Karela Gosht!

Mr Holden is in town, he expects nothing but the best. One does not leave Bradford and come to Glasgow to consume inferior Curry. The choice of venue must be a new experience selling something very special. Ricky has already experienced The Village, Cafe Salma and Yadgar. Hector’s current venue of fascination is ready for another test. The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) is on an upward spiral in the eyes of Hector.

On my previous visit, all of five days ago, the Curry was very good but they did not serve the dish I had hoped for. Once again I arrived early, the news was good. The Karela Gosht was on – three portions please. A Mushroom Rice for ?Stan! and Hector plus a Chapatti, three for Ricky, no Rice. At 50p each, this is within acceptable parameters. Ricky still expects  Chapattis to be inclusive.

Non Starters

Ricky and ?Stan! were decidedly hungry. However, the promise of a Glasgow portion kept the Starters at bay. They nibbled on the Complementary Salad.

Twenty five minutes after the order was placed, three white bowls of sheer delight were set before us. With the Rice already plated and three of the five Chapattis presented, we got tore in.

The Man from Bradford says yes…

This dish is magnificent. That I have let months pass without this experience  is now unfathomable. The Masala was both thick and minimal, fitting for the Man from Bradford. There was a small gathering of Dark Ghee at the base of the bowl, perfect for dipping. The flavours from the blend of Vegetables complemented the Lamb which was done to perfection.  Karela rules.

We piled the Bones on a spare plate, there was still more than sufficient Meat. ?Stan! made further comments about the tastes, Ricky the quality of the Lamb. All the noises were positive. Ricky also complemented the Chapattis: ‘Real Chapattis!’

Dare I suggest that if the quality of this dish can be maintained then I may have to re-evaluate the current holder of the accolade: Hector’s Favourite Glasgow Curry. (Don’t worry, Shkoor, I’ll be back…) I have eaten some stunning Curry in the past six weeks or so, this stands amongst the very best.

The Bill

£29.00. This gave the opportunity to engage Mein Host in conversation. The thumbs up were given to the Chef who is very much rear of house. I asked the difference between their Handi dishes and the Karahi. The former is wet, the latter dry. So this confirms it was indeed the Karahi Karela Gosht.

The Aftermath

The New Karahi Palace will be shouted from the rooftops. On my way home I attempted to add balance to a website which had desribed this venue with a single word (negative) banner. As Ricky says, the real test is turning up for a Take Away. Is what they pack as good as what they prepare for in house consumption? I shall probably never find out, a matter of Geography.

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  1. john s says:

    Mother India. Lamb Karahi Karela from specials menu. Top notch and if one emails Monir in advance he will oblige if not on that day.

  2. Alan says:

    Will this be venue of choose for the 5th?

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