Motörhead via The New Karahi Palace

November 5th, a famous date, the day Motörhead make their annual visit to the O2 Academy in Glasgow.  Noddy is in town, not since the late 1980s has he, Alan and Hector been to a Motörhead gig together.  Noddy doesn’t have a ticket.  We buy one from a tout, it is expensive.  But this man has flown to Australia to see Motörhead (from New Zealand) so any price is cheap.  Is the security holograph kosher?   Oh well, we’ll worry about that later.  The Curry is calling.

 The New Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street  Glasgow G5 8DZ)  is my favourite Glasgow Curry House at this time.  On entering I immediately mentioned Karela, there was a positive reply.  This would have otherwise been a disappointment.  The Mysterious Vegetable was available.  We went upstairs to the Ice Cream Parlour that this room resembles.  Who designed this?  We were the only customers, why?  Dear Readers, get yourselves here, it is absolutely worth the visit.


 I ordered for the three of us. It was at my insistence that they come here and try this magnificent creation.  Mein Host reappeared moments later – the Chef wished to know which version we required – the Handi or the Karahi.  Having established on my previous visits that the Karahi is the dry version this was confirmed.  Why was there doubt?  So three Karahi Karela Gosht (Hot), three Mushroom Rice and three Chapattis it was then.

 The twenty minute wait passed in no time.  Actually, it took twenty minutes.  I do not think the complementary Salad was touched.  The Rice was brought upstairs, three very large portions, enough for six people.  And why not?  The main event was then set before, faster than one could say where are the Chapattis?, we were off.


 I have likened the Karela Gosht served here to being a combination of the flavours experienced at The Village and Yadgar.  Tonight it was Yadgar meets The Khyber.  Such was the way the pulped Vegetables clung to the Lamb.  This is a wonderful dish.  The flavour bursts out onto the plate.  I could eat this every day no problem.

Noddy confirmed that there is nothing like this being served in the land of the Kiwis.  He wolfed it down.  Alan, who does order some bizarre dishes, was not overly impressed.  Perhaps he is too accustomed to Chicken Soup?

The Bill

 £34.40.  We asked Mein Host if he works seven days a week.  He is always present.  We were told that Saturday is his day off, but today is Saturday…  I made further comment as to who else on the premises can actually speak English, I was assured there is a stand in.

We applauded the Chef as we departed.

The term plate of bones was not mentioned in my company…

Motörhead, The Aftermath

There was a quick visit to The Laurieston Bar, this iconic pub is caught in the 1960s.  The decor is mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous.  Ricky and ?Stan! took me there recently on the off chance that Fyne Ales may be on offer, they were not.  Tonight the Piper’s Gold was on.  It was no real surprise when ?Stan! appeared out of the freezing gloom.

And so to the annual ear bleeding competition.   The tout had gone; he must have sold all his briefs.  Others stopped and asked us if we had spares, no chance.  It was a sell-out.

At 21.30 the noise increased and for the next ninety minutes there was no respite.  Bomber, Metropolis were played at the start.  There was enough of the old stuff played to keep the causal fan happy.  Orgasmatron in the customary green lights, Going to Brasil, and the track Hector will have played at his funeral: Killed by Death.

The encore is quite standard these days – Whorehouse Blues, Ace of Spades and an extended Overkill.

The sound was perfect tonight.  Viv Campbell remains unintelligible at the mike. However, his wah-wah during Overkill was clearer than I have ever heard it.

One day Lemmy will stop coming to Glasgow.  Until that day, Hector will be there.

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