The Village, post München

There was the delay due to fog at München Flughafen.  Then the drive back along the M8 was not a pleasant one. We were caught in the rush hour.  The new M73/M74 route home was reportedly slower today than the traditional M8 route back to Glasgow.

Marg had by now accepted that cooking tea was not on.  The Village (129 Nelson St, Glasgow, G5 8DZ), in particular the Lamb Laal Lahori had had become fixed in Hector’s mind.  The Village would be quick, the portions not excessive, the unknown level of appetite after a flight would not be over-tested.

Well that was the plan

Marg ordered a Lamb Tawa (medium hot).  Hector the Lamb Laal Lahori (hot), both off the bone.  (On-the-bone is 45p dearer and I am convinced one receives significantly less meat).  As the venue has been skimping on the Rice of late too I thought the large Vegetable Rice would be the safer bet.  Two Chapattis to accompany these.

The place was quiet.  It was a Monday night, only we were on holiday today.  The food was brought to the table.  The Large Rice portion was about the same as one would receive for a single portion at Yadgar or the New Karahi Palace along the road.  There was enough to share.  What was impressive this evening was the volume of the Curry.

Has someone at The Village been reading the comments of Hector?

I have received almost half of the portion I was given tonight in recent visits.  I have previously written that I wold be happy to pay more and maintain the portion size of a year ago.  Instead, they put up the prices and kept the portion size small.  But not tonight!  This was impressive.  In fact, Marg was caught out and half her meal became a Takeaway.  It was also hotter than she had ordered.

The Laal Lahori

This is on the Desi section of the menu.  It is Tomato rich and comes in a thick Masala.  Not in any way as thick as a Bradford Curry, but way better than the standard fare served in normal Curry Houses.  The food at The Village rarely disappoints (just the volume!).

The Bill

£22.50.  This included two soft drinks.  Given that Hector paid €21+ for his main course in the Pschorr House in  München two nights previously, for two diners this is excellent value and certainly more rewarding than Schnitzel.

The Aftermath

Master Baig was Mein Host at the till.  I made sure he knew that I was impressed by the portion size this evening.  In fact I may be inspired to write to Daddy once again.

The update on the works across the street is that they remain optimistic that the new premises will be open before the end of the year.  I assume he meant 2011.  The original upstairs venue will be abandoned, this is a pity, as is written in the stand alone page for this venue, it had genuine ambience.

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