A Taste of Punjab

Located in Finnieston the Taste of Punjab (1131 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8ND) is located a few metres form the former great Glasgow Curry outlet the Crème de la Crème.  Hector has passed this venue hundreds of times, most significantly on the late night 62 bus.  The façade does nothing to entice one in; the place does look a bit down at heel.  From the bus the clientele are visible, usually Asian, so there must be something good on offer.

The entrance to the modest eating area is through the takeaway.  Bottles of Bier and Wine are visible, so the venue is licensed as they advertise.  I still wonder why people want alcohol with Curry, I do not expect pubs to sell Curry, unless I am in Crawley.

I took my seat at 15.00, the normal Saturday Curry time, as ever I was the Lone Diner.  The menu had Specials none of which looked that Special.  I thought there was going to be nothing for Hector to eat when I spotted towards the Karahi at the bottom of the Popular Curry Dishes section.  A peculiar place to locate this surely?

The Chap from behind the counter became my waiter.  He took the order but brought me Still Water, not Sparkling as I had asked.  This was changed to Fanta.  So Lamb Karahi (Madras Hot) and Basmati Special Fried Rice it was then.

Whilst I waited I was treated to what sounded like a radio broadcast of prayers. Somebody somewhere was very excited.  This eventually gave way to traditional music, some of which was quite catchy; indeed as I left there was a tune I could not get out of my head, different.

After some  minutes of scraping sounds from the kitchen the meal was brought.  The vapour was rising from both the Rice and the Curry.  The Rice portion was excessive for one person, with some Sultanas and Mushrooms this did look very appetising but I knew I could never eat all this.  The Karahi looked the part, the portion appeared to be generous but this turned out to be a superficial observations.  There was Lamb but this was outnumbered by large pieces of Onion and yes, the dreaded Capsicum.

I kept waiting for the flavours to emerge, but sadly nothing. This was simply a bog standard Curry.  Had I read the front of the menu more carefully before ordering I may have noticed the information which states that they will basically make anything you want.  I should have therefore asked for some Methi of even Karela.  The inclusion of either of these does enhance the dish significantly.

I left quite a bit of Rice, Onion and Capsicum.  I was definitely Onioned out.

The Bill

£12.90.  I noticed as I stood up to leave that there is a flat charge of £1 for sitting in.

The Aftermath

I wonder what the regulars eat?  If anyone associated with a Taste of Punjab cares to contact Hector, I would be happy to return and eat what they really serve.  I do not believe it was on the menu.


Taste of Punjab closed in 2014.

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