The Dalmuir Diva, or is it The Shimla Palace?

‘Tis the night before the end of term, the eve of the trip to Köln. Weather permitting, there will be a few Curry-Heute reports this weekend. In the meantime Hector and Marg are staying local. The Diva (7 Stewart Street, Clydebank, G81 4AD) has been visited a couple of times before, the last visit was quite impressive, so there was an air of optimism.

A dozen or so fellow diners were in situ as we were allocated a table. This table was for four. I always have to question why some restaurants still insist in squeezing people on to smaller tables even when quiet. Complementary Poppadoms and an enticing Onion Chutney were brought to us. We verified that we would be a la carte, one assumes the rest of the diners were having the Buffet which is good value at Diva.

Marg pondered the choices, determined to avoid big slices of Onion. She chose the Lamb Sharabi which ticked the boxes, and includes a shot of Brandy which we later spotted being taken from the bar to the kitchen. Somehow, I ended up ordering exactly the same dish as on my last visit – Tender Lamb Pardesi (Hot). There was a Karahi option, but I recalled that I enjoyed the Pardesi last time, maybe it is the word Desi I cannot resist? Marg decided a solitary Chapatti would suffice and so this gave me the opperchancity of having a Stuffed Paratha.

The Diva is part Mediterranean and part Indian in terms of what it sells. Failing to read the back page of the menu I cannot say what dishes are available as mains in the former category, however the Greek salad was too much of a temptation. Hector has never had a Greek Salad followed by Curry.

The Salad came shortly after we had finished the Poppadoms, good timing. The Feta was cut into small cubes as would befit any Indian outlet. The various Green Bits were fresh, there was certainly more than enough to share. This was a good selection.

We were asked a bit later if we were ready for our main courses. This impressed, too often it comes too soon. There was still a wait which means the meals had not been put out and placed under a hot lamp, I conclude.

The plates were hot, another plus. The portions were large. The Paratha came with the mains, the Chapatti a couple of minutes later – too hot to touch, perfect.

So far, excellent

If there is a dish on the menu with large blobs of Onion, Marg will find it. She did.

These were removed and piled on the plate.  There were not many positive noises coming across the table.  The only notable remark was that the Lamb was not that tender.  I was permitted a taste, there was nothing distinctive about this dish at all, not even the Brandy had added anything of note.

The Pardesi was thick with Spinach as one would expect.  There were the occasional Spinach blasts on the palate but these were certainly few.  The dish lacked oomph.   Having asked for it hot it was not particularly so.  Marg’s Green Chillies found their way across the table.  Sadly, this dish did not impress to the same level as it had done fifteen months ago.

The Bill

£25.65.  This was within acceptable parameters.  No Rice had been, ordered and the Sundries kept to a minimum.

 The Aftermath

The Bill had Shimla Palace as the logo.  The address was in the far east of Scotland.  A board with Shimla Palace sat behind me.  I had to ask if they were changing the name of the restaurant once again.  I was assured it was simply a matter of being part of the same company.  So it goes.

Somehow, one suspects that Hector and Marg will try other local establishments before returning here.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I am going here with my colleagues tomorrow for our Christmas lunch. We’re getting the buffet.

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