Restaurant Bombay, Köln – Curry #1 of Three

Hector is on holiday in Köln, just in case there is anyone left on the planet who does not this. Perhaps you may not appreciate that work does not resume until January 9th? This has given plenty of time to spend a long weekend in Deutschland with Jonathan, Steve, Juliet, Olive and Maggie who do not feature in this Curry-Heute report.

The Lone Diner

It has become customary that Hector has a Curry before the Saturday ritual that tends to involve alcohol. The remains of the day are of course covered in the sister Blog – Bier-Traveller.

The cunning plan was to try and keep the best to the end of the trip and so I chose an old faithful venue the Restaurant Bombay (Am Weidenbach 21, 50676, Köln). This is where I had my first Curry in Köln that genuinely impressed.  One year after my last visit it was overdue a return. There is no snow this time and the temperature is 10°C warmer.

I sat at the same table as before. My order was taken – Lamm Bhindi (Scharf) and I settled down to play with the technology which usefully passes the time these days when one dines alone. Another Chap entered and sat behind me, I never really saw him, perhaps I was in his chair? There was no towel when I sat down, so all as well.

Complementary Poppadom and Dips were set before me. The Poppadom was excellent. Cumin Seeds were embedded in the Crisp, the flavour of these explodes on the tongue, always a good start to a meal. Why do we not have these as standard?

A large platter of Boiled Rice, included in the price of the meal, as is standard in Deutschland, accompanied the Curry. The Okra pieces certainly outnumbered the Lamm. There was a presence of Onion, Capsicum inevitably, and a wonderfully pulped Tomato covering the dish.

On tucking in the memory of last year’s Duck came back. However, my records show the taste-buds had packed in that day, so it must have been the previous visit’s flavours which came back to me.  Yes Hector can remember flavours to this level of accuracy, describing them remains the problem. I will try and describe it as a dry flavour, in some way approaching the Bradford style, though not that sensational. The Vegetables complemented the Lamm and made this a thoroughly pleasant experience. The Tomato covering was an interesting variation. This House clearly has mastered the technique of producing Curry with a consistent and very pleasant flavour. There is little more than one could expect of a German Curry House.

The Bill

€13.00. This is certainly within acceptable parameters. If one accepts that the décor is part of the Curry experience then this is a well presented restaurant in an excellent location and only metres from the original Reissdorf Brewery Tap, but these days we go elsewhere.

The Aftermath

The Gluhwein Rendezvous was in Alter Markt opposite the Gaffel House at 13.00. Steve and Juliet were already in place, but this belongs to Bier-Traveller.

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