Punjabi Charing Cross – credit where it’s due

Last night was wonderful, tonight was going to be something else.  Hari, Mein Host at the Punjabi Charing Cross (157 North Street  Glasgow, G3 7DA) had promised Hector fresh Karela prepared in his own inimitable way.  One assumed this would be mixed in with the recently created wonder-meal the Lamb Gurmeet, however, Hari had a surprise in store.

Marg and Hector awaited the company of Alan and Tracy next door in the Bon Accord.  They had managed to overcome the transport restrictions imposed by the local railway franchise.  Just how convenient is this Curry House, and just how welcoming can they be?

Hari was leaving for his other branch in Paisley Road West as we entered.  He confirmed the order was already in.  That was me sorted.  The others reviewed the menu in the dimmest of light.  Tracy eats Chicken, well we cannot all be perfect.  The Mulaidhar – Spinach, Green Chilli, Coriander in a Creamy Masala, a fine choice, but surely better in Lamb?  Alan gave up trying to read in the darkness, both he and Marg followed the Hector.  The order was completed with five Chapattis, a Garlic and Coriander Nan, and yet another pint of Cider. Marg then produced a torch.

Raita and Mango Chutney were added to the normal Complementary Poppadoms and Onion Chutney, all was set.

Behold the Karela

Tracy’s dish looked splendid and was thoroughly enjoyed, Hector was too absorbed at what was set before him.  On completion of the delivery of the Breads and Curry we were all tucking in when Young Hari presented a plate of Karela.  Generous portions of this bitter vegetable had been Stuffed, Salted, Spiced and presumably roasted.  This was a new experience.  They were certainly well Spiced and well Seasoned, the Salt was to the fore.  Yet again Hector has managed to be present for a new experience in a Glasgow Curry House.  I have never seen or heard of this vegetable being made available in this manner.  Superb!

The Lamb Gurmeet was therefore intact and served as it has been in the last few weeks.  This is as good a Curry as I have experienced anywhere.  Alan having it for the second time was even more enthusiastic than before and pronounced it to be even better than his first sample.  Despite being served as Lamb on-the-bone, Marg was so impresses she ate more than her norm.  Alan and Hector rescued her with her two last pieces of Lamb.  Gentlemen to the end.

The Bill

£65.50.  Not all of this was Cider.  Our Helensburgh guests were impressed by the modest total.

The Aftermath

Young Hari insisted that I have a Liqueur having declined the offer last evening.  Three Liqueurs were set before us, the driver showed due patience.

Hector has been spoiled in the last week; every Curry has been a gem.  Next Friday ?Stan! gets to choose where we dine, on Saturday Craig has offered to follow me to a Southside Café to which I am long overdue a return.

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For the last few weeks Hector has been able to establish the locality of his readers.  Belfast was the first to be highlighted, then Birmingham, Montreal, and Groningen and of course Islamabad (I know who this is.)  My thanks to all those who take the time to read these Blog entries and hopefully salivate?  Work is looming, the normal pattern of life will return and the indulgence of the last three weeks subside.

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5 Responses to Punjabi Charing Cross – credit where it’s due

  1. Punjabi Charing Cross says:

    Hi John, hope you enjoyed your meal. Just to reiterate the drinks bill also consisted of 4 coffees and an americano which subsequently justified the £27.70 drinks bill.

  2. john s says:

    Our monthly curry group took on board the comments of Hector. Lamb chops a la Hector were enjoyed by 3 of the throng. Hari had gone the xtra mile and supplied Paulaner Weiss for the band. All was enjoyed thoroughly including the gratis Glayva and Amoretto. However, we wondered how “gratis” they were with the sum of £27.70 charged for 5 Paulaner.
    Cider next time !

  3. Neil says:

    ‘Tis true, Tracey. After all all these years and myriad peregrinations Hector is back in the Punjabi. The eternal circle of life… or something like that.

  4. Ahmed Afzal says:


    This is actually the most common way of preparing Karela. It is a special dish prepared for family gathering, etc. You stuff it, usually with spices and cooked mince, and then shallow fry it or roast it or steam it. Most women will tie the whole lot up with a string before cooking it so that the stuffing does not come out. Maybe, the restaurant also did this but removed the strings before serving it.
    By the way I have never eaten a karela dish in a restaurant, always at home. For vegetarian recipes try

  5. Tracey says:

    His other branch in Paisley Road West?!?! Surely it can’t be…
    The one we used to call the ‘Modern’ Punjabi, around the corner from Copland Road? That would be the place where I had my first ever curry in my entire life, back in 1986!

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