The Sheerin Palace, Part 2

The Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Glasgow, G42 8HQ) serves authentic food in the style and with flavours that have largely disappeared (from Glasgow) in the mist of time.  Cheap and Cheerful is an apt description for this Curry Café.  There is no menu, one looks to see what is on offer and basically that’s it.  They reheat portions taken from the large trays on display at the counter and these are brought through to the small dining area.

Today the choice was Kofta and Egg, Fish, Chicken Saag, Cauliflower, Daal and Chickpea.

Having arrived first I had time to develop a strategy.  The Kofta and Egg has been enjoyed in the past and is not always available.  The Fish looked stunning.  I knew Howard would find these both appealing too. I would put it to Howard that we share an extra portion of whatever dish he did not want as his main. Simples.  Craig arrived having wandered all over Allison Street, the Chicken and Spinach was his brave choice.

On my last visit I spoiled the dish by having a generous portion of the Biryani as an accompaniment.  Today is Chapatti day. I ordered seven in all.

A Complementary Salad and portion of Raita each were presented whilst we waited.  The food came in no time at all, the Chaps were already enthusing.  The Masala is definitely not what I look for in my normal Curry outing.  This is thin, red and oily – but the flavour has that aggressive kick which can catch the throat if one is not careful.  I felt as if the Curry Tardis had taken me back to the days of the Green Gate on Bank Street.  Superb.

Howard and Hector both ate their Kofta and Egg first, four Roti were set before us.  I had ordered seven no way would we need that many.  The Roti were large and thick.  I ordered two more, madness.  I knew I could take the leftovers away, this fresh they would reheat no problem at all.

Craig loved his Chicken, it was on the edge of his tolerance level and was packed with flavour.  I dipped the Spinach, had it not been a Chicken dish I would have been tempted.

The Fish turned out to be Salmon.  This time the flavour of the Fish had infused into the Masala, a new dimension, a new wonder.  The level of satisfaction was increasing by the second.  This was a good call; the single portion would not have been enough, the extra share was perfection.

Initially Craig took nothing to drink then I asked if they had Lassi.  A glass was expected, a jug came.  This went down very well.

The staff wandered past as we ate, they could hopefully sense our level of enjoyment.  I think after four visits I am now being recognised.  I left the calling card just to remind them that I would be writing very positive things about their modest establishment.

The Bill

£28.50.  The Lassi cost more than the Chicken dish.  The wonderful Roti were 50p each making a mockery of what most places in Glasgow charge for basic Chapattis.  This was a four Curry bill.

The Aftermath

The walk back along Allison St towards the Allison Arms set Hector thinking if this was really the start of Glasgow’s South Side Curry Mile if one adds a disjointed Albert Drive to the other end.  The Chaps are now keen to go exploring, Albert Drive may well be our next port of call.

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