Al Faisal Tandoori – Hector returns to Manchester’s Northern Quarter

It is a thirty five minute walk at Hector’s not too slovenly pace from the Travelodge on Upper Brooke St to Thomas St in the Northern Quarter. I had budgeted for forty.

?Stan! was waiting, punctual as ever. Howard and Tracey had tried Yadgar across the street last evening and had not reported it to be anything outstanding. Kabana remains closed at weekends, one day. The rest of the troop had already headed off to Sheffield, far too early in my book to think about Bier when Manchester Curry is there to be had.

Al Faisal (58 Thomas St, Manchester, M4 1E) was guaranteed to be open for business, the perfect rendezvous. One therefore concludes that the other places make their money during the week. This a modest Café establishment with a menu listed on a chalk board. ?Stan! and I approached the counter and eliminated Lamb Tikka. Last year The Karahi was on offer, today it was simple old Lamb Curry. Now when was the last time I had a Lamb Curry?

By the time we returned to our table the meals were plated and delivered. They have the food on a hot tray, during the week when people have limited time for lunch this must be ideal. Today it was just amusing. Two Chapattis each was the order, I should have remembered. These are not the wafer thin nonsense served up by too many establishments, these were the fuller, chewy versions made with a darker flour. One would have been more than enough.

The Lamb Curry was basic and old fashioned. The Masala was thin and splashy. Hector was back in his Curry Tardis, it is always good to get back to the roots. ?Stan!, as loquacious as ever was impressed by the simplicity of the whole event. There was enough flavour coming through to make this a pleasant experience, many would have been expecting Spice rather than flavour.

Concentrating on eating the Bread and soaking up the Masala, I did let the Curry get cold. My fault. Still, there was enough to make the return visit memorable.

 The Bill

£12.00. We need more places like this in Glasgow. Let’s hope for Manchester’s sake that as the Northern Quarter becomes Yuppified, venues like this can still afford the rent.

 The Aftermath

?Stan! had looked across the road and noticed 57 Thomas St, the Marble Bar  micro-pub. We tried the door it was locked, it then was opened by Mein Host. The start of another Bier-Traveller day out.

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