Lamb Makhni at the Akash, Helensburgh

To celebrate the last late night of work commitments this session, a Curry Heute was called for.  The Akash (45A Sinclair Street,  Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, G84 8TG) is the best of the three choices in this Clyde Coastal resort, by far.

There was salivation in anticipation of what was to come.  Having eaten here more than any curry venue on the planet the latest discovery would once again form the dish of the day.  This had to be preceded by the ritual Starter, yes, Hector had a Starter – the Chicken Chat just has to be sampled.  The Lamb Makhni with Spinach (Hot) has been enjoyed on a few occasions now and a Mushroom Pilau Rice was deemed to be the perfect accompaniment.  This Curry is Masala rich, not ideal for Chapattis.

The Chicken Chat came quickly, I was the only customer arriving not long after opening time, yet somehow I missed Alan whom I met at the door, he had been already.  We must synchronise our diaries, for the next two years.

Off-the-bone is not how this dish is served in a typical Curry House; the Akash has always served it as mini Curry.  Tonight it had the full flavour that has been maintained over the last thirty years.  It may be darker than it once was, however I would recognise this dish blindfolded.  If I ever had to eat a Chicken Curry, then a double portion of this with Chapattis would be the ideal compromise.  Hector was ravenous, the Chat disappeared.

The main course came in an efficient manner too, one suspects that Shuel, the son of the owner,   realises that if one is out this early then it is between appointments.  The melted Cheese is what makes this dish significant.  The Spinach, in what looks like a cream-rich Masala, is a bizarre concept, somehow this melange actually works.  The Mushroom Rice was a good sized portion, manageable after the Starter.

Hector’s palate was still marvelling at what had preceded the Makhni.  It took time for the flavours to emerge, a long time.  Tonight I suspect they may have been light on the Spinach, it never really got going.  The Lamb too tasted a bit tired.  The Lamb was soft but required a lot of mastication.

The Bill

£14.60.  For once a Starter accompanied by the usual Sparkling Water.

The Aftermath

A very pleasant evening talking to the parents of my youngest charges.

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4 Responses to Lamb Makhni at the Akash, Helensburgh

  1. R Morrison says:

    Chicken chat was brilliant, tasty and an excellent recomendation.

    The Lamb Makhni was I have got to say a disappointment, it just wasn’t hot enough, tasty but lacked heat. I did ask for the hot version. The Lamb was a bit on the tough side. Sufficient quantity was on the plate so cannot quibble on that.

    Mrs M2B had Chicken Passada and enjoyed her meal, although there was severe grumblings about the walk up to Helensburgh Upper station for the overnight to London!

  2. Alan says:

    I should be on commission! I do order some strange dishes!

  3. Hector says:

    … help ma Boab …

  4. Tracey says:

    Ohhhh, it works, all right. It DEFINITELY works!
    Had the lamb makhni with spinach (hot) last night and was in heaven. I normally like a drier masala, but the sauce was so, so delicious (and the perfect colour) and creamy (without there being an obvious cream presence), I soaked up every drop with leftover rice. And Jonathan! There was melted cheeeeeeeeeeese! This is my new favourite curry.

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