Bradford Curry for Breakfast #2 at the Kashmir

?Stan! had a later train booked back to Glasgow today. He decided to join me once more for breakfast at the Kashmir (27 Morley St, Bradford, BD7 1AG). This morning we were the first customers, but not for a long, a family of four soon arrived. I love Bradford, everybody eats Curry at any time of day, just like Hector.

We sat at the same table, in the same seats as yesterday. Mein Host looked at us: ‘You were here yesterday? Lamb Karela!’ Hector has been recognised in the Kashmir at last.

I asked if they had Fish, I only spotted a single Fish dish on the menu yesterday, the Fish Karahi. Fish it was then. ?Stan! ordered Keema Palak. Does it taste the same when it is not in the Kofta form? Admittedly there is more to the Meatballs than simply Mince.

The Chefs could be heard getting into action, no singing today. There is absolutely no ceremony or sense of engagement when the food is presented at the Kashmir. The food does the talking, the young Chaps who bring the food and clear up say not a word. Maybe this is the way things are. The customary ‘how is your meal?’ has never been asked in the sixteen years of visiting the Kashmir. They have my calling card from a visit last year, today my supply was out, a pity as it did bring them to life last time.

And so the plates were placed on the table once more with a pile of inclusive Chapattis. My first reaction when I saw my Fish was that it looked like Squid, all rubbery. How wrong I was, the first Dip brought the exclamation: ‘wonderful!’. The Masala was minimal but gave sufficient moisture. It had a good earthy Bradford taste. The Kashmir has set the standard for what I consider to be a good Curry, the tally on the right column may not be as high as other outlets, but I now I have eaten more Bradford Curry here than anywhere else, that they are always open – even during Ramadan – helps.

The Chapattis once again proved to be filling, a wee bit Rice would have been a good accompaniment but my last Karahi here did not work with Rice. Remember it is morning, the stomach is not yet fully awake and I am forcing in my fourth Curry in thirty six hours. At times like this I do appreciate that I do get to eat this often. For those whose Geographical location means that this is standard fare, the fortunate ones, this is their norm.

?Stan! ate his Keema Palak in perfect companionable silence – not a word. There was an audible ‘hmmnnn’ as he wiped his plate clean.

 The Bill

£13.80. Once again this included two soft drinks. Is this not what I pay in Glasgow when I dine alone?

The Aftermath

?Stan! went to the Sir Titus Salt for a coffee, perhaps Mr Holden may join him before he heads back to Glasgow later? Hector took the train back to Glasgow, well three of them.

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