Yadgar – In The Glasgow Style!

Hector found himself having to cross the river midweek, this presented the opperchancity for a visit to Yadgar.  Shkoor was contacted yesterday with the remit: ‘Please feed us.’.  Liver was outlawed, Chicken was offered but declined.  We settled on Fish, something far removed from our usual Goshat Karahi.  Exactly how this Fish would be cooked and presented was the decision of Mein Host and his Chef.

Arriving at the scheduled time, Shkoor was in the serving area awaiting our pleasure.  ‘Do you have any food?’ I enquired.  The reply was positive so we took our seats, the Lone Diners.  It is a Tuesday night and most folk at 18.30 are buying Takeaways, as ever the trade is constant.

We knew Fish was on the menu, that was all.  Two soft drinks were supplied then all was revealed, but slowly.  We would be served with Salad accompanied with Fish followed by Lamb.  Simples.  The only consultation was as to whether we desired Rice or Chapattis.  We chose the latter, this was confirmed as the correct choice to accompany Punjabi Curry.

The Fish was presented as two foil packets – ‘A nice piece of Scottish Cod’ – was the introduction to our Starter.  Shkoor then served each of us with our very generous Fish Platter.  Hector has had Fish in this style in other outlets, it has never looked this good. At a typical £6 per portion for half of what was before us, we once again  knew that we in for a treat.   The Lemon was squeezed over the mass of Cod: to add a Dip or not, no let’s taste it as it comes.

One concludes the Cod may have been partly baked, hence the foil, before being grilled to make the crispy topping.  By this method the Spices were now encrusted on the top layer while all below remained moist.  The dish was well seasoned, Spicy and most satisfying, and this was just the entrée.  Surprisingly light, we were not too worried about managing what may follow.

Jonathan confirmed his pleasure.  The ritual photographs were dispensed with before the arrival of the main event.

There was time to discuss Hector’s most recent Curry experiences at a new Glasgow outlet.  At Yadgar the food is cooked the way they like it and they hope that is what their customers like too – all of them.  Is Hector stirring controversy? And why not?

A large Karahi was then brought into the dining area – this was for us.  The full Kilo of Lamb on-the-bone, superb.  The style?  This was Lamb with Karela and Methi. Now I wonder how this combination of Special Ingredients came to be added to my Curry, there are positives to be gained by writing a Blog.   There was a suggestion that instead of trying to impersonate other styles we should consider this to be their own – The Glasgow Style?

The joy of sharing One Kilogramme of Curry is that one can spoon the quantity one’s eyes think is appropriate, watch the fellow diner do the same and still realise just how much more there is to follow.

Chapattis were presented and topped up with more.  One instinctively knows when a Curry is going to be special.  That one is eating at Yadgar is also a bit of a clue.  The Lamb was cooked to perfection, well they had plenty of notice.  The Masala was minimal – as it should be.  The texture was dry and thick.  I have written this description quite a few times in recent months, this is Curry, as it should be served.

Karela and Methi, whose idea was this?

The Karela was quite visible having been cut longways, the Methi had disappeared into the mix.  The flavours could only impress, the Lamb, the Spices, the Herbs, the added Bitter Vegetable – a tour de force.  I think Jonathan was glad he was around to enjoy this rare midweek feast.  ‘Excellent, you can’t fault it.’ was Jonathan verdict.

Shkoor rejoined us to share our pleasure.  It was time to wave the white flag.  Dessert was declined, why cover the palate with sweet after the delight of the Bitter Vegetable?

The Bill

£Undisclosed.  We paid an amount that we felt was appropriate whilst ensuring we were recognising the hospitality.   The Fish alone was worth £20 in any restaurant.

The Aftermath

I once again wonder why this venue is not queued out 24/7.  We thoroughly appreciate the food and the service, the staff appreciate their customers.  Mutual respect:

– is this The Glasgow Style?

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  1. Ahmed Afzal says:

    The reason you don’t see many diners in Yadgar and in other “desi” (Pakistani/Indian) restaurants is because westerners typically dine early in the evening (sixish) while in desi households dinner is typically after eight (probably also true in the middle east).
    Try visiting Yadgar around nine in the evening on a Friday night.

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