Karela Gosht at Yadgar!

Curry-Heute at Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) was not in mind  until Robin changed the Post-Curry rendezvous whilst Hector was in transit.  The restaurant was phoned and a portion of the legendary Goshat Karahi was organised, this would be ready some ten minutes after my arrival.

On entering I acknowledged The Ever Faithful Servant behind the counter and took my seat, by now I should know his name.  Shkoor, Mein Host appeared through his magic trap-door and looked in surprise at the solitary Hector.  ‘Boneless?’ he asked.   ‘I feel like a change.’    The reality was: the superb Goat Curry I had last evening at the Punjabi Charing Cross had simply whetted my appetite for a really good feed; I knew that a Boneless Goshat Karahi would achieve this goal.

Shkoor  informed me that they had Karela Gosht on-the-bone – ready, how could the Hector resist?  I then declined the offer of Poppadoms and Chutney, a small Brunch with Marg had been consumed earlier.

As ever Shkoor took time to listen to my travels in the last ten days, he has come to realise that the sign of a good Holiday Destination is how good is the Bier and the Curry?  Poor Chap, doesn’t get out much.

Behold the Karela Gosht!

The Karela had been cut almost in rectangles rather than the automatic  way this Bitter Vegetable suggest – cutting thin slices as one would an Onion.  This made it very apparent in the dish.  The Lamb looked wonderful and what’s more, there was plenty of it. The ritual Dip almost had the Hector gasp – this was going to be yet another first class Yadgar experience.  The Curry at Yadgar is always very good – to excellent.  Sometimes it is off the scale, today was such a day.

I had to stop and take notes of exactly what I was eating: the Karela I have covered, the Onion was cut in larger slices than the norm.  The conclusion was that the Bitterness of the Karela was balanced by the slight Sweetness of the Onion.  Meanwhile the Herbs and Spices in the Masala were working their magic.  As for the Lamb, this must go down as one the best platefuls of Lamb ever set before the Hector.  I had been given a portion of Lamb on-the-bone, the Bone content numbered two – all the flavour from the Marrow, none of the debris.  And as for the tenderness, the flavour, as is written: off the scale.

More Chapattis were offered but declined.  The Chapattis served at Yadgar are as one would expect the larger, thicker and filling ones that cost half the price of the nonsense served in the majority of outlets.  I ate my fill, mission accomplished, and more.

The Bill

Money did change hands.

The Aftermath

The Ever Faithful Servant had by now sat at the adjacent table and was tucking into his lunch.  He had chosen a Shorba style Curry.  Why? – when  surely even better alternatives are available? The conversation with Shkoor moved from the dining room to the counter.  I commented on the number of Asians who come to Yadgar and order Pizza and Chips.  Their treat, I am told.  We went on to discuss the quality of food served in India/Pakistan – I could well be disappointed by the lack of quality meat, or even its availability.

The locals get to choose every day whether to eat the wonderful food served at Yadgar or not, is there a tone of resentment in this commentary?  Hector was born in the South-Side but removed at an early age. I ask the same question once again: why is the place not queued around the corner 24/7?  But if it was, the Hector would still not be happy.

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    A “small brunch”? Is this the modern-day equivalent of the “light tea”?

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