Yadgar, the Takeaway!

Marg revealed yesterday that for today’s Birthday Celebrations at the Wendy House, we were to bring over a Curry for the adults.  Once the Hector had been consulted there could be only one possible source of Curry, the magnificent Yadgar (148  Calder St, Glasgow, G42 7QP).  Shkoor, Mein Host was texted last night with an order for 2 Vegetable Pakora, 2 Vegetable Rice, 5 Chapattis, Poppadoms and Onion Chutney and wait for it – One Kilo of Boneless Goshat Karahi (Medium).  The order was received and confirmed in seconds.  Hector had to compromise in intensity of both heat and flavour by having the Boneless version and at a Medium heat rating.

At the eleventh hour, two further diners were to be included, a phone call was necessary to order an extra portion of Curry and a further Plain Rice.

Arriving promptly at the 19.00 rendezvous, I was greeted by Shkoor who announced that there was Good News and Bad News.  I opted for the Bad: they had no more Boneless Lamb; the Good News did not have to be spoken.  A Hector-sized portion of Goshat Karahi on-the-bone was set aside.  Life can be tough.   Shkoor was packing the various Bits and asked if I would be indulging in my other Passion this evening.  Being a weeknight this was not going to be the case.  One cannot have too much pleasure.

Whilst we watched Shkoor and Naveed deal with our order, the seated customers and a steady flow of the others in for a Takeaway, there was time to study the dishes on display under the counter.  The Chicken Legs have never been sampled, temptation. The red and oily Lamb dish looked stunning, I felt like staying. With everything packed, it was time to depart.

The Bill

£45.00.  A customer standing beside us asked if he could come with us.  This is as it should be.

 The Eating

The Hector portion was placed in the oven along with all the Bits to bring it back to a perfect eating temperature.  I had never tasted Yadgar Pakora before, it was not outstanding.  I worry when the Starter impresses excessively, I now what usually follows…  I cursed myself for allowing myself to be distracted by Poppadoms, Pakora, Chutney and Sauces, but it was a Dinner Party.  Nice to be nice.

Four adults had One Kilo of Boneless Goshat Karahi set before them.  Only Marg had witnessed this meal before.  They had never seen such a Curry, it was not Soup.  The majority claimed they would prefer it this way.   The tenderness of the Lamb impressed.  The Kick caused no complaints.  As anticipated, the Vegetable Rice went down well; again the Hosts had never experienced this, another treat.  The Four could not manage the Kilo.  There was Suplus Curry, had Hector misjudged?

Meanwhile Hector was having his second Goshat Karahi in three days.  With Chapatti in hand and some Vegetable Rice on the plate, the Curry was enjoyed to the full.  Four or five pieces of bone were left, all small.  The Hector portion lived up to expectation, and remember this is the highest level there is.

Somehow the Surplus found its way back to Clydebank. Now, who thought this was accidental?

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  1. Hector says:

    Of course they are, but such are the limitations of a Takeaway.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Pakoras and all other deep fried things are best when eaten right out of the frying pan. Reheating spoils them.

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