Alba Asia Network – Sri Lankan Curry Night

All You Can Eat Curry Night

In Aid of the Alba Asia Network Fund

Genuine Sri Lankan Home Cooking

Music & Dancing

Well, the first three of the four banner statements was enough to convince Hector that he should be present.  Even the music if traditional, would be a positive feature; perhaps Eleanor’s dance talents could be called upon: Help ma Boab…

This is the third year that Maureen and Graham have been involved in the organisation of this Charity Event.  The Cathcart Bowling Club is an unlikely place to go for Quality Curry but then Crawley has the Lal Akash at The Ram Sports Social Club, so why not?  Extra tables had to be raised on the dance floor, a good sign on two levels.


Eleanor also shares Hector’s belief that – Every Day is a Good Day to Eat Curry – so she was up for this collective immediately.  Kirsty came though from the Far East, Kirkcaldy and Anthony was the surprise inclusion.  Steve the Decisive was a last minute additive and had to phone Graham to negotiate his own ticket an hour before kick-off.  He timed this to perfection, tickets were not available at the door as the organisers had to know how many to prepare for.  In the end the eighty expected became one hundred and twenty, no more was Maureen’s instruction.

Anthony and his Harem were in situ as Marg and Hector entered, only then of course did we know that Steve was there to spoil (?) Anthony’s night.   Michael, who has not featured in Curry-Heute before, joined us soon afterwards.  This is the man who lives closest to Yadgar of The Friends of Hector, and has never been.

The Starters were uncomplicated: Pakora, Spring Rolls (or something very close), Onion Chutney and Poppadoms.  It became evident that the presentation of the  Main Courses would be some time.  The Starters kept coming, mustn’t eat more, mustn’t’ eat more, doh….

At 20.40 Hector returned from the bar to find a food queue of forty people.  Good timing.  Eleanor and Anthony were off.  The rest of us save Kirsty joined in.  Was she not eating?  Twenty minutes later the tureens were within our grasp.  A choice of Rice or Noodles, Marg took the noodles Hector had minimal Rice.  The Lamb Curry was the Big Attraction for most of us. The tureen had a single portion left, Michael and I shared it.  Fortunately the Chaps were refilling the tureens and a basin of Lamb straight from the Hob was provided.  Now we have food!

The Devilled Chicken was dry, as good a Chicken dish as I have encountered.  The Mixed Vegetable Curry looked like the genuine Sri Lankan fare Marg and Hector enjoyed on our Honeymoon in – Sri Lanka!  This would have the Coconut and looked the creamiest of all the dishes on offer.  The memories came back, this had a superb kick and at this scale was excellent, however nineteen days of this dish became an endurance by the time we reached Galle.  Two brand new experiences were the next in the array.  The Eggplant Moju looked interesting: Eggplant and Shallots with a simple blend of Spices and Vinegar.  The large slices of Onion and the pulped Aubergine punched above their weight.  The Tempered Potatoes with Onion and Curry Leaves and again a simple blend of Spices, was the final offering.  Hector loves Aloo, this was superb.  I really should order a portion of Potato with my Curry on a regular basis.

The Lamb Curry I have not commented upon, yet.  On taking my seat this was of course the first portion to be sampled.  The Masala was a wonderful Brown colour, not thin by any standard it looked the part.  The Lamb was well cooked – the combination of the two is what makes Curry – this was a very satisfying traditional Lamb Curry.  It did not have the aggression of the Glasgow Curry of the 1960s, there was a smoothness with a decent kick – is there more?

Eventually Kirtsy went up to get a modest plate of food – she brought a bowl of Lamb Curry back with her.  Steve, Michael and I finished this, Anthony and Eleanor went back for their own, Marg had already reached her fill.  Six Stuffed Turkeys and Kirsty.

There was a Raffle

We all bought tickets, Marg won a bottle of wine.  The adjacent table appeared to win half of the available prizes.

The Proceeds

The Friends of Ceylon and The Friends of Vatsalya will be the beneficiaries of this evening’s event.  They support an orphanage in Sri Lanka and India respectively.  Marg and Hector marvelled at the smart appearance of the schoolchildren in Sri Lanka on our visit in 2003.

The Kitchen

The meal was cooked by Suneth and Donna Liyanage.

Hector had to go to the Kitchen and thank the Chaps, it is a Sri Lankan thing.



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