Birthday Treat at The Khyber

Tonight was a special night, the Birthday of Hector’s alter ego. Two years ago was my last visit to the Mother India restaurant, a poor night.  Last year was a Home cooked affair with Potatoes that wouldn’t.   Would it be three Catastrophes in a row?  Of course not, a trip to The Khyber Restaurant (221 St Andrews Road, Glasgow, G41 1PD) must impress.

Marg and Hector entered the empty premises just after 18.00.  Is it too early for the masses, or are things not going so well?  A Chap from East Kilbride came in for a Takeaway, an expensive round trip by taxi.  One has to expect to pay a bit more than the norm at The Khyber, the portions are not small, at a half kilo the quantity is guaranteed.

Amjad, our Host had to go out for Sparkling Water, Marg had Green Tea to kick things off, why was she frozen?  The Boti Kebab would pass the time whilst out Mains were prepared.  These succulent and dry Tandoori baked pieces of Lamb are stunning.  One could easily sit and eat this all night, but one would be missing something special.

The Menu was new and more extensive than on the first visits.  The prices may well have increased too.  There was a larger selection of Karahi dishes to choose from.  Marg went for the Lamb Peshawari Karahi (£11.95) which was off-the-bone.

The boldly named (Lamb) Khyber Special Karahi (£13.95) and on-the-bone, was the choice of Hector.  One pays more for less meat, the logic escapes me.

Two Roti and a Basmati Rice were the Accompaniments.  The Khyber does offer more sophisticated Rice dishes but these are clearly meals in their own right.

The wait was significant but expected. It was hoped that the Boti Kebab would come fairly soon and the Mains after the anticipated passage of time, alas the Mains came little more than five minutes after we had finished the wonderful Boti.

The Curry at the Khyber is nothing like that served anywhere else.  Pulped Onion and Tomato is the basis of what could be considered the Masala, however the appearance is more Stew-like.  The flavours emerge slowly.  Normally as one reaches the oilier base of the dish the wow factor has hit, but less so tonight.  There was a consistently pleasant flavour but it did not bring back the outstanding memories of the previous visits.  A different Chef?  Still, the Lamb was magnificent.  Picking pieces up in the Roti and carefully avoiding biting into the bone is part of the fun.  This is still a great dish.

Marg enjoyed her meal but defeated by the volume.   Poor Hector had to sample the alternative Karahi.  The boneless Lamb was tougher but had a greater kick.  Ginger hit the palate; this served on-the-bone could be a better option.

The Bill

£36.00.  £25.00 of this was Curry.  With two Soft Drinks, a Tea and the Accompaniments,  not excessive.  We had eaten very well.

The Aftermath

More customers had arrived, some prepared for the long wait for a Takeaway.

There was a sprint home to watch Man City annoy Sir Alex.

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