Punjabi Charing Cross or Spanish Football?

Hector the ever-professional only sneaks out for the occasional mid-week aperitif in the summer term once all the certificate nonsense is taken care of.  Athletico Spain v Spanish Athletico in the Bon Accord proved not to be sufficient entertainment.  Between the Bon Accord and Charing X Station lies danger.  One could not help but cast one’s eyes left as the five paces between the Bon Accord and safety were strode.

There was a Wave

Young Hari caught the eye, it would have been impolite not to go in on a quiet Wednesday evening and exchange the time of day.  Once I was in, the trap had been set.  How can Hector stand in one of his favourite Curry Houses and not eat?  There was a brief enquiry as to what was available and to be precise – was Chef Gurmeet on duty?  This was confirmed and the infamous Lamb Guremeet was underway.

Meanwhile Yvonne was on the phone to say that she and Craig (in Birmingham) had just had their best Curry – ever.  This on the very day when Steve Harris (Ark / Paul Menel Band) was exchanging Curry venues – in Birmingham.  This man insists that Birmingham Curry is better than Bradford Curry. Is this possible?  Hector has only had one Birmingham Curry experience.

The Complementary Poppadom and Onion Chutney were consumed with vigour.  It was after 21.00.  Young Hari brought the goods – the Lamb Gurmeet looked as mean as ever: the minimal but thick Masala with the obvious overload of Methi – but not so excessive that it becomes a Saag /Palak variant, and enough flavour to send Hector into ecstasy.

With two typical Glasgow Chapattis the entire dish was scoffed.  The Lamb was partly on-the bone, how else could it be served? This is perfection.  One does tend to become excited when this level of dish is presented.

The Bill

£13.10.  This included the customary glass of Sparkling Water.

The Aftermath

This is when the evening took off.  Hari (Sr) resplendent in off-duty red polo-shirt arrived to greet Hector.  The update on the Glasgow Curry scene (as perceived by the Hector)  was continued with Young Hari .

We discussed the last visit with the Goat and how I thought the portion had shrunk.  Hari shared my belief that this should not happen.  If the dish costs more to present then put the price up!  I also suggested that more places should sell by weight thus guaranteeing the size of the served portion.

Young Hari was well aware of Shorva and he mentioned Turnip.  Have people been reading these entries?

I offered the wonderful idea as experienced last Saturday in Leamington Spa – the £2.50 additional Interesting Vegetable to top one’s Curry.  This would work as long as the Chef does not interpret the order –  a Lamb and Potato Curry.

Hari suggested Chicken.  Is there something I do not know?  Venison had been mentioned before.

Hari re-appeared.  We agreed that Venison could be the ultimate meat to Curry.  Hector knows this to be true. I cooked a Venison Curry once – it was remarkable.

Hari dared to suggest that with the number of Blog entries and Restaurants visited I could eat out for free.  This would never do.  I enjoy the freedom of critique without pressure.

[Stan: TB!] texted between the Punjabi and Charing X Station.  Our man from Bradford is in Glasgow next week – he needs Glasgow Curry.

The task of taking a man from Bradford to a pleasing venue in Glasgow  is always our challenge.  Hari was phoned – the Venison Curry is on order for Wednesday.

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