Choudhury Indian Restaurant – Bedford

Another day in Bedford, another Curry.  Hector was pleased that after the disappointment of the previous evening at the Alamin Tandoori, Howard and Tracey were up for a Curry Lunch before we set of to St. Alban’s with [Stan.TB] who does not feature in any of the Bedford Curry reviews, very strange.

The Choudhury Indian Restaurant (64 Tavistock Street,  Bedford, MK40 2RG) was evidently open at Noon.  Hector arrived first having walked the Trek down Foster Hill Road.  A Lancaster Bomber flew overhead, a good omen for a Curry?

Howard and Tracey joined me just after Noon by which time I had asked the Waiter which was the drier of the dishes between the Balti and the Karahi, he suggested the latter.  This would have been my dish of choice but Howard spotted Lamb Methi on the menu and gave way to me.  He ordered the Karahi on my recommendation.   The Karahi was offered in Tender Lamb or Lamb Tikka – so no confusion here.  A Saag Gosht was another possibility, in fact we were spoilt for choice.

For a modest £2.50 one could add from an array of Sides – the Potato Peas felt appropriate, this was my addition.

Tracey ordered the Ceylon Prawn dish.  A Garlic Nan and a Rice were ordered to share, Hector tried a new trick: one Chapatti and one Tandoori Roti.  Somebody sneaked in a Lager Shandy.

[Stan.TB] had called to verify our location.  He would eat later, here as it turned out.  He dropped by and took our photo, a nice man, sometimes.

The meals were presented by our ever so Charming Waiter.  Tracey was slightly put off by the abundance of Red, however the potent Spice warmed her and she only had positive things to say.  The Prawn content of the dish was remarkable, I too have never see so many Prawns in a Curry.  The Nan was also a standout, I am told.  Soft and Fresh, I too would find the Bread very satisfying.

Howard’s Karahi looks as if it is Chicken but as I was permitted a piece of his Lamb for sampling purposes, I am mystified by my own photo.  Howard found the dish to be medium strength and perfectly acceptable for a Sunday Lunch.

The Lamb Methi was very good, not outstanding.  Methi of course is one of Hector’s favourite Herbs and could not be resisted.  The Lamb was indeed Tender, as described.  Of course there was the Side, the Potato and Peas gave the meal an extra dimension – a sweeter flavour to dip into – very fine.  The portion was ample for the three of us to try.   Two Roti can be disappointment, the second tends to crisp too much.  The Roti was therefore devoured with the Chapatti as a superb follow on.  This worked a treat.

The Bill

£37.95.  Including the early morning Shandy.

Overall, the Three Diners left feeling very satisfied.

The Aftermath

We made our rendezvous with [Stan.TB] at the Railway Station and headed to St. Albans, another first, but no time for a Curry.

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    Hi,I m very happy to see your feedback especially for me and the restaurant. i just work for them as a waiter. thanks a lot

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