The Delhi Darbar – Bishopbriggs

The Delhi Darbar (4 Woodhill Road,  Bishopbriggs, G64 1JL) was recommended to Hector some years ago by Scott who lives in this northern Glasgow Outpost.  This evening’s visit was Marg and Hector’s third to the Delhi Darbar, all have been on a Sunday and the previous two were on Mother’s Days. Curry Conveyor Days.

We arrived at 16.30, they had been open thirty minutes and already the car park had a dozen cars in it.  Our previous visits were on particularly busy days, but there must still be a Sunday afternoon Curry Kultur in this upper part of Auchinairn.   The customers kept coming, the place remained more than half-full – business here is good, there must be a reason.

It took quite some time to acclimatise to the Subdued Lighting.  Eventually I was able to actually see the Menu.  The Décor is splendid with Hanging Features and a departure from the normal Flock Wallpaper.

The Menu had Methi Gost (sic) under the Chicken Curry list, this was puzzling.  I was considering taking advice when Marg announced that she was having the Lamb Karahi – well that’s it then – two Lamb Karahi – without the dreaded Green Mushy Vegetable.  Rice was dismissed, let us eat the dish in the proper manner: three Chapattis (60p each) were the Accompaniments. 

Poppadoms, Onion Chutney and a Dip were brought to the table even though they did appear on the Menu as chargeable items.  A plate of Bombay Mix came too.

We recalled that on our first visit we had ordered Starters and then a Complementary Started arrived too.  We have not made that mistake again.  Indeed just as we finished the last piece of Poppadom, a plate of  Chicken Wings was set before us.  These were Fresh and Spicy and fortunately Marg ate her share, else the Main Event would have suffered.

There was a decent gap between the Entrees and the arrival of the Karahi.  The Chaps were kept busy clearing up after the departed and bringing out a constant stream of food. 

When the two cast iron Karahi dishes were set before us, the Redness was not that apparent in the ambient light. Marg thought the Masala to be excessive and so immediately ordered Pilau Rice.   Now if Marg though it wet…  Hector had hoped for something Dry and Brown, but here we go.

There was a very strong flavour of Pickle/Citrus, so any thoughts about blandness were dismissed.  Marg felt she was getting a lot of Ginger, I marveled at how the pieces of Chopped Fresh Coriander kept appearing even towards the end of the meal.  The Lamb was tender and there was certainly enough of it. This was a good Curry, I would not call it outstanding.  I wish I could recall what I had on my first visit some five years ago – that was outstanding.


 The late Rice order arrived and changed the dimension of what we were eating.  By now we were well sated. 

The Bill

£19.30.  The unit cost of the Karahi was under £7.  With two soft drinks, the added Rice and all that was set before us at the start, this was quite a banquet for a very modest price. 

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was left at the bar but The Chaps were really too busy to engage.  I must ask Scott to find out if they still do the Dry Herb Lamb Curry that I enjoyed so much on Visit #1. Then I will definitely be back.

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