Ashoka Shak + Iron Sky over Paisley

A trip to Paisley midweek?  And on towards Linwood?  The movie Iron Sky had its general release today.  Today was also the last day of its showing in the UK. Today or bust.

There had to be a Curry-Heute to commemorate the day.  Howard was in tow, he is the only Friend of Hector who would appreciate such an instant classic – the Movie, not the Curry as it turned out.

Part of the Harlequin Chain, The Ashoka Shak (Phoenix Leisure Park, Linwood Road, Paisley, PA1 2AB) is adjacent to the Phoenix Showcase Cinema, and opposite the former Linwood Car Factory site. The Proclaimers song  made it immortal: ‘Linwood no more…’. The Ashoka is part of the award winning Curry Chain centred in the West of Scotland, only their Bearsden outlet has featured before in Curry-Heute.

It was sunny today in Glasgow, to avoid the sun in our eyes (I believe it was the same Sun shining on Paisley) we sat near a Doris dining with Five Weans.  Fortunately they were waiting for their Ice Cream.  In the West of Scotland on the occasional day it is Hot some go for Curry, some eat Ice Cream – the fortunate have both.

We spotted three dishes that might appear on our well honed preference list.  Two had Capsicum – well one could ask…  Hector could not ignore the calling of Lamb with more Lamb.   The Ra Ra Gosht was described on the menu as: tender pieces of lamb and lamb mince cooked in a tarka masala base with garlic, ginger and coriander.  No mention of Capsicum.  The waiter was helpful and identified this as the Dry Curry of the three.  Ra Ra Gosht it was.

Howard considered the Lamb Desi: tender lamb on or off the bone cooked with fresh onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic,  green chilli and coriander and an abundance of onions and chopped capsicum. The Karahi Bhuna was therefore dismissed, the Boneless Desi was the choice.

We had just selected the two most expensive Curry Dishes on the Menu – clever.

Two Chapattis (£1.10 each) for Hector and a Garlic and Coriander Nan for Howard were the Accompaniments.  By the time our Curry appeared the Ice Cream had been served and The Weans had gone – Bliss!

Both Dishes received the Thumbs Up on presentation, this was not Soup, and no Capsicum had been injured in the preparation of either meal. The Ra Ra Gosht was a very thick looking Feast.  The Lamb Mince occupied the place in the Masala where Onion might typically dominate. The texture of the Lamb was superb – this was melt in the mouth tender.  The Chapattis scooped up the Lamb Mince with ease.  This dish was fun to eat.  The portion size was perfect.  Occasionally a blast from the past emerged in terms of flavour but this is where it did fall down.  Hector knew how it could be improved and would tell anyone who would listen – or read this Blog Entry.

The Lamb Desi was Spicier than the Ra Ra Gosht, I know – I was permitted a sample.  Howard felt it still lacked a Kick.  He also felt that the Masala had not influenced the flavour of the Lamb or vice versa.  On occasions like this I tend to conclude that they have met for the first time on the Plate.  Surely not here? Not in this well respected Chain?  However, this is pretty much what I wrote when I visited the Bearsden branch.

Every morsel of Curry and Bread was consumed.  The Chapattis were somewhat wet compared to the norm.

The Bill

£28.90.  This is slightly above the average for the West of Scotland but our selections were from the Specials part of the Menu.  The Chapattis had also mysteriously turned into Tandoori Roti at £1.25 each – sneaky.

The Aftermath

The Calling card was presented to Mein Host – he took it in good heart and stated that he hoped the review would be good.  I took the opportunity to give him my not so humble opinion as to how the Curry could have been better, i.e. suit me!  The Curry was not Karrah.  More Seasoning, more Spice and definitely Fresh Methi would have hit the spot.  The Curry was thoroughly pleasant but we know where to have better.  There are advantages of going to venues regularly – they get to know how to prepare what you want.

Iron Sky

Nazis on the Moon, where else would you expect to find them? This was ninety minutes of madness; it is amazing that we find Nazis funny these days.

Fear not – Hector is not about to start a Movie Blog.


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