Variations at the Akash – Helensburgh

This evening’s Curry-Heute at the Akash (45A Sinclair Street,  Helensburgh, G84 8TG)  was postponed from Tuesday. The new Helensburgh Wetherspoons aka ‘The Sir Howard Young’ (sic) failed to open on the advertised date, fortunately the Akash is reliable.  I do not think in thirty years I have ever found it closed when in the Curry Mood.

[Stan.TB], Eleanor and Hector were the three Currynaughts singing songs of the wonders of last evening’s extravaganza on the Southside, where Shahed’s Mum – Zora had entertained us so magnificently.  The Akash may not set the heather on fire these days but it is above average and does have its moments.  Jonathan was making his inaugural visit, Howard and Tracey are almost regulars now.

As is written, this is one venue where Hector always orders a Starter, the unique Chicken Chat.  [Stan.TB] cannot resist Seekh Kebab these days and Eleanor ordered what Marg believes to be the best Pakora served in any restaurant.  (After last night’s Superlative Home-Cooked offerings I have to be careful.)  Howard sneaked in a Fish Pakora too.

Tracey was here for the Makhani which she ordered with Chicken (eh?) – extra Cheese and extra Hot, seriously.  Jonathan wisely followed the Hector publicity over the Lamb version of the Makhani.  Egg Rice was his chosen accompaniment.  I decided that if extra was the theme of the day then I would order extra Methi with my Lamb Makhani.  I was in the mood for Rice and so the Vegetable version was ordered.  Eleanor went almost traditional and opted for the Methi Balti Gosht.  This is the Lady who used to eat nothing but Chicken until taken under the Wing of Hector. Coconut Rice was deemed to suit this dish.  Howard too ordered a Lamb Balti – Lareli(?)  [Stan.TB], with  his customary need to be different, had the Lamb Bhuna Saag and his now customary Chapattis.

Howard’s choice turned out to be the poorest.  It was disturbingly Red due to the high Tomato content and he considered the meat to be tough.  After his not unpleasant Fish Pakora which he described as thin and sweet, and different from normal Fish Pakora, this may not have such a memorable visit.

Tracey too came a cropper. She loved the extra Cheese but the extra Hot request had created a dish beyond her levels of tolerance.  Tracey admitted that she got exactly what she asked for and only has herself to blame.  ‘At least I have my lunch.’ was the positive conclusion as she had her leftovers wrapped up.

Jonathan found the Cheese in the Lamb Makhani gave an interesting texture but did not affect the flavour.  He wondered if the near Vindaloo experience was the cause of this – another Hot Curry!

Eleanor felt she was eating a Retro-Curry, a Nostalgia Fest.  The Lady left some Lamb whish she boasts she never does.  The Pakora had been a huge portion, the Coconut Rice felt like a double portion compared to that served in some venues.  Eleanor admitted she must still be full after the vast quantities consumed last evening at Maison Khan.

[Stan.TB] devoured his Seekh Kebab in seconds.  Whilst he found the Lamb in the Saag Gosht to be tender, he would have preferred more Spice and even Methi to enhance the experience.  The Quiet man may order a different dish from Hector at times, however we both look for exactly the same thing in a Curry!

Hector has eaten more Curry at The Akash than he could ever calculate.  He got it bang on.  The Spinach  and the Cheese makes this Makhani a standout.  Both Tracey’s and Jonathan’s version were far too Soup like for my tastes.  The Spinach guarantees a thick Masala.

One cannot tell in the presence of the Spinach how much, if any, extra Methi was added, however this meal went down a treat.  The Vegetable Rice was also the correct accompaniment. The Lamb was indeed tender as reported by the other Currynaughts. Overall the quantity was perfect; however, I had included a Starter so I may not have felt this otherwise.

The Rice and Breads are worthy accompaniments at The Akash

The Bill

£77.65.  Given the Starters and the Soft Drinks, this is excellent value between six diners.

The Aftermath

The Holiday Weekend looms, but there is another day of work…

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