Mother India’s Cafe – Marg signs up for Curry on three consecutive days

Marg returned from an overnight with Her Pals in Carnoustie feeling hungry.  It was not for Hector to suggest Curry-Heute knowing full well that a Carnoustie Curry had been consumed the previous evening.  Butter Chicken was mentioned by the Dear Lady, Marg knows the rule, there was no going back.

Whilst the majority of the population of Glasgow was watching football on TV we still found ourselves having to queue at the door of Mother India’s Cafe  (1355 Argyle Street  Glasgow, G3 8AD).  Ten minutes later we were seated, but unfortunately the draught from the door on this chilly Glasgow Evening was an annoyance.  A further annoyance was a queuing party who had decided to stand beside us for much of our meal instead of waiting at the customary locus.  Their patter was waatter… (sic)

Butter Chicken plus, this is Marg’s norm.  This evening Chicken Chat took her fancy plus the now customary Lemon and Cashew Nut Rice.  This Rice dish is always on the Specials supplement, so one wonders why it is not on the main menu by now.

Hector hoped to relive the wonder that is the Kofta Palak, only ever experienced here once, it was not to be twice.  The Specials list does vary, tonight there was nothing for Hector.  From the main menu I chose my mandatory Machi Masala, still the best Fish Curry served in Glasgow.  Lamb Saag was the variable addition, the closest to Kofta Palak.  Three Chapattis (95p) were the Accompaniments.

The three Curry dishes and the Rice arrived simultaneously.  Marg was able to start, I had no Bread. The Lemon flavour from the Rice impressed her as did the quantity of Nuts. Marg was nearly finished her Tapas-sized Butter Chicken when the Chapattis finally arrived, so we no longer really needed three.  Marg was not bothered, this is her favourite Curry – anywhere – and in a portion size she can manage.  Creamy with a decent kick is how Marg always describes this dish, tonight was no exception.

 Lemon Curry?

Hector was now let loose.   The Fish and minimal Masala is sheer perfection.  The flavour of Citrus was very much to the fore, but the Flavour of the Fish cannot be overwhelmed.  I could eat four portions of this, but the joy of eating at Mother India’s Cafe is the option of enjoying something radically different before one becomes too full.

There was an instant Spinach hit.  The Lamb was slightly tougher than one might have hoped for, or else just compared to the Lamb (and Venison) consumed in recent times.  There was certainly no cause for complaint.  The affordable Chapattis did arrive steaming hot and so the first one was especially enjoyable.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they brought Chapattis out fresh to replenish the stock as one eats them?  Oh, they do this at Yadgar!

The Chicken Chat came last, so Marg finished with her Starter.  Four drumsticks prepared without the dreaded food dye.  Again the flavour of Lemon was to the fore, or was this because Marg had squeezed one over the Chicken.  I was permitted  a share, I like this Lady.

The Bill

£27.30.  This included a large bottle of Sparkling Water.  The individual portions sometimes look expensive, however, this is exactly what one pays for two meals in most Glasgow outlets – well the ones I frequent.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was left but not collected before our departure.  I have not given them one for a while.

Tonight’s Curry experience was an unexpected bonus, Marg knows she has signed up for Curry tomorrow evening too.  For Hector this will be Curry on four consecutive days, for Marg a mere three.

Something Special must be imminent, or maybe not…

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