There I was, on a July Morning… not anticipating Curry-Heute…

Four months since my last visit to Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall Street  Glasgow, G3 7PQ), unglaublich! There is a certain Calendar which on the turn of the month revealed a new photo – Marg and Hector at Cafe Salma last October – and dressed in Costume. Marg decided there had to be a Curry-Heute and that it would be at Cafe Salma. Why would Hector disagree?

That Hector and Marg are on Holiday, until August 20, may become unbearable in future Blogs. We are in a most happy mood, it is July, Untouchable!

The Lone Diners entered Cafe Salma @16.0o. A Solitary Poppadom and Chutney/Dips were presented. Where was Hassan?

Marg swithered between a Spicy Korma (*) and the Achari Handi. We (?) have always believed that the Core Chef was ‘invited’ from The Village when Cafe Salma was established, so this (*) could be a Village Desi Korma variant. As the Achari was selected this thesis is as yet not-proven.  Chicken was justified, for the second successive Sunday. So it goes.

After such an absence, Hector had no choice but to go for the Lamb (Boneless) Lahori Karahi – medium, but with a kick. This was guaranteed not to have Capsicum. (Plogies if, Dear Reader, this is becoming repetitive, but one does have standards…) Our Host for the day, the Charming Nepalese Waiter was cooperative as ever, a Vegetable Rice and two Chapattis (at a sensible £1.00 each) were the Accompaniments.

The Single Poppadom proved to be sufficient, the Onion Chutney was sampled, not devoured. The sense of anticipation meant we were both preserving The Appetite.

 Cafe Salma Curry

Both servings had identical looking Masala, not out the same pot, surely? Marg’s Achari Handi was described as having Garlic Butter, Warm Spices and Coriander. The Lady described her Curry as being Fruity, with a Citrus after-taste. The coherence of the superb Halal Chicken was appreciated. Justification, indeed. After Hector had devoured his Karahi, I was permitted to sample the final piece of Chicken. Two reviews, good value for the Reader. I could sense the Pickle, the Achari, giving the expected Tangy Taste, but it was still too sweet for the Hector palate. But then, not everyone seeks the Perfect Hector Curry. There are times when Marg chooses the identical Hector Dish, there are times when she is the Antithesis. Someone should demand the Marg Page? It will never happen.

The Lamb Lahori Karahi has been the standard order at Salma for the last two years. That the Masala looked no different from Marg’s alternative Dish did make the mind wonder. The Vegetable Rice was suitably shared, the Aloo Gobi content thoroughly appreciated. The Classic Interesting Vegetable(s). Rice is not our norm of late, but at this venue it is a must. The first Dip with the impressively Generous Chapattis revealed a familiar Cafe Salma flavour – but a minimalist version thereof…  A 20% Cafe Salma Distinctive Flavour is what I recorded at the moment of the first sample. It did improve, as far as 40%? I have recorded how Hassan has instructed his Chefs to ‘make it special’ on previous visits. Disappointment would be too strong a criticism, underwhelming more apposite. Do I hear The Village calling after a gap of seven months. Seven months without a Village Curry? Try telling Hector that would be the case two years ago. Parking outside Akbar’s, one realises how few visits have been made, despite the overwhelming magnetism? Such is the quality of Glasgow Curry on offer that The Recommended List is hard to maintain. Picture this: on the equivalent weekend last year I was in Bradford with Mr. Holden.  There’s more…

The Bill

£25.70. This is well within acceptable parameters, and with Chapattis and Rice at an Equitable Price, sensible.

 The Aftermath

Mein Host admitted that Hassan was at home – in Morocco. He deserves a holiday.

Marg and Hector retired to the Allison Arms to join the BBC. Bier on a Sunday? We must be on vacation! Until August 20!

In the next 40 Days lookout out for Postings from Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Ceske Budejovice, Passau, Erlangen, München and who knows where else…

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