Prague – The Royal Bengal

It is Day 2 in Prague as part of the Summer Tour of Eastern Europe.  I have never had a Bad Curry in Prague, though I have not had many.

Around the corner from a famous Prague Pub – U Vejvodu and a few metres more from Hector’s favourite Prague Bier outlet, U Medvidku lies the Royal Bengal (Vejvodova 4, Prague 1). Marg and Hector found it by chance yesterday and noted that it would be open all afternoon today, the decision was made to come for lunch. Well I would have lunch, Marg may or may not participate.

The Restaurant’s website was studied in advance as the list of dishes on display at the door is brief. They do serve a large range of meals, Meat Korai it had to be, although I did consider the Bhuna and the Spinach.

When the Waitress brought the Menu Marg decided that Vegetable Pakora (3 pieces the Menu said) would be a suitable snack. The Korai was ordered with an Aloo Paratha. The Breads were all a reasonable price. I was glad to discover that the Sparkling Water was also sensibly priced, it was too early for Bier, they serve Pilsner Urquell on draught.

We could hear noises off, someone in the Kitchen was now busy. After what felt a sufficient time for the Main Dish to arrive, the Waitress emerged from the Kitchen with a large plate of Pakora, six pieces. Maybe we had been given two portions?

The Pakora was flat, almost pancake like, the Onion and Carrot content were visible. The Pakora tasted freshly made and was suitably Spiced, we were both impressed. The accompanying Dip we deduced was a mix of Onion and Mango Chutney, sweet, but pleasant.

 The Main Event

The Waitress brought the Paratha to the table first, eight slices on a metal bowl, was this all for me? She then returned with a sizzling Korai bowl on a wooden platter. The Curry looked interesting, the Meat may have been Beef, it was cut small. The Masala was not excessive and most importantly was decidedly in the Thick category.

The first Dip with the Aloo Paratha was done with care, so hot was the Paratha. This was a fine piece of Bread, exactly as an Aloo Paratha should be, hot and plentiful, and subtly stuffed with Potato. The Masala gave off quite a traditional taste but was not overwhelming. A bit more Seasoning may have given it the much hoped for Wow factor. Annoyingly, the menu had not mentioned Capsicum as an ingredient, it had in other dishes and so I had not requested the veto. This was an oversight, there was an assortment of Capsicum, this was left.

Hector ate heartily, like the last piece of Pizza, the last slice of Paratha would defeat me. The Curry had gone down well.

 The Bill

537Kc = £16.80.  We had only been charged for a single portion of Pakora, so no problems here.

The Aftermath

The Chap from the Kitchen came out having cooked the Meal and was involved in the payment process. The Calling Card was received without fuss. The Chap was neither the Chef or the Boss – he just works there – he assured me. Next time I visit I hope the Chef is in the Restaurant.

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  2. Neil says:

    Is Prague the Curry Capital of The Continent?

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