Cafe Salma – an astonishing Curry

The day had dawned once again when it was time to take The Mother of Hector for lunch, Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, Charing X, Glasgow G3 7PQ)  would be a rare treat, little did I know that hector was in for a very big treat.

Arriving just before 14.00 we had to decant to the Bon Accord for coffee until Café Salma was open.  It was an hour later when we returned and foreign guests were already in situ plus some locals.

The Lamb Lahori Karahi was recommended (by me) to The Mother who likes a challenge.  Marg went for the same; they would share a Boiled Rice, The Mother’s preference, though Marg did insist on a Chapatti.

Hector had Kofta Palak on his mind but then was distracted.  After more than two dozen visits to Café Salma one would think I would know the Menu, Kofta Bhuna?  This featured the much sought after Methi, I had to try it.  Why had I not seen this before, why was there no Lamb Methi (proper) on the Menu? Tune in next month for answers to this and many more questions….

In keeping with the current level of healthy eating I ordered a Half Portion of Aloo Palak, the Menu did not say this possible, but this was not a problem.  Two Chapattis would be more than adequate.

The Complementary Poppadoms and Dips were placed on the table shortly after we took our seats.  Only two Poppadoms? – had Hassan been present this would have been rectified.  The Mother was happy to see the Onion Chutney, I did not realise she was not touching the Chutney in the hope that there would be some to put on her Curry.

The Food came quickly

The Aloo Palak was first along with the Chapattis.  At first I thought this was my Kofta Bhuna, I was distracted.  The Three Main Dishes should have had the necessary Fanfare.  The Lahori Karahi impressed both Diners, especially The Mother.  The Hot Plates from which she ate also impressed.  The Mother is fussy.  The single Boiled Rice was enough to share, Marg had her Chapatti anyway and this was not minuscule.

The Kofta Bhuna

Kofta – yes, Bhuna – no.  There was a mass of beautiful thick Masala, the Fenugreek was not that obvious (hence the Aloo Palak Choice), however the first Dip of the Chapatti was a Super-Wow!  Hector has eaten some excellent Curry in the past week, this topped them all.  The classic Café Salma flavour was in the extreme, the Methi had brought it to an amazing level, the Masala was as well seasoned as one has come to expect at this venue.  This truly was an Astonishing Curry!

And of the Potato Side?  The Spinach did now get in the way of the flavour I was enjoying so much, Aloo Gobi next time.

The Bill

£39.95.  The expected price for three diners.

The Aftermath

I had to ask the waiter about the possibility of Lamb Bhuna.  I was assured that as Chicken Bhuna is one the menu (now why have I not spotted that?) the Lamb version is there by default.

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