Berlin – Naveena Path – How They Treat The Regulars

The first day of Hector’s Heroic Homecoming

Fifty metres from Pension Braun in the Garden Suburb of Wedding lies the Naveena Path (Tegeler Straße 22, 13353, Wedding, Berlin). Yvonne looked bemused as Hector made it clear that this was in fact the next item on the Tin-Tinerary. Howard was straight in behind Hector, Mags swithered then joined us. Craig, Yvonne and Robin went away to have a Pils, ugh.

Explaining to my Fellow Diners that this was a Sri Lankan Curry House was mandatory, I did not wish to get their hopes up. This would be a Light Lunch before assaulting the Remains of The Day. Hector chose the Mutton Sag having seen the Chicken version fly out the door on my last visit. Howard went Traditional and ordered the Tamil Mutton Vindaloo. Mags fancied the -with Vegetables option – and ordered the Mutton Subji.

No Poppadoms this time, but the Mains came in surprisingly quick time. The Mutton Sag was thick, creamy and had a hint of Coconut. Tracey would have loved this. The dish was reminiscent of the Akash’s (Helensburgh) Makhani, though not in that League, though this was most certainly not a Division 3 Curry.

Howard described his Vindaloo as belonging in the 1970s. The Masala was Brown but thin, at least no Coconut. It was approaching Shorva status, but was not really Vindaloo strength.

Mags was hungry, she tore into her mix of Lamb and Vegetables in a Light Coconut Masala. She again accepted that this was not the Curry of Northern India, our norm.

The Communal Bowl of Basmati Rice was more than enough for three which was just as well. As we neared the completion of our our meals, the Waitress appeared with a Bowl of Daal Curry. This was thick and dry, it turned out to be Spicier than what we had eaten. Howard and Hector devoured this, it was superb. I could never ordere this as a Main Course but as a Side it was perfect.

Mein Host had made no attempt at communication throughout our meal but had by now clearly remembered Hector’s previous visits. Last time Marg and I had to insist on paying. A plate of four Pasties were then brought. I shall have to look up my Observers Book of Indian Pastry to find the name for these. They mopped up what Masala covered the plates.

 The Bill

€32.50. A very Modest Sum.

 The Aftermath

Mein Host insisted we try the Tea, one cup was set before us, I let Howard and Mags taste this Toffee experience.

The joy of being local is that we passed last thing at night and had another chat. Hector managed not to go in for a second Curry, such restraint.

Craig and Yvonne reportedly dined here too, I shall discover later their experience.

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