Don’t Blink! – It’s Quail at The Punjabi Charing Cross

Ricky kept asking – Why Quail? Firstly, he is the man who likes to the strangest of Curry. Then there is the guarantee that Hari and Chef Gurmeet at the Punjabi Charing Cross (157-159 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DA) would lay to rest the memory of Ricky’s last Quail Encounter at the normally wonderful Sheesh Mahal, Bradford. At the Sheesh Mahal a Quail Curry was a Singularity, and served in Soup. Given how small this particular example of Bird is, The Man from Bradford was not fed.

Hector dropped in to see Hari on passing two nights previously to discuss the presentation of – Something Different. Goat and Venison we have done and they are now proudly displayed on the Board outside the Punjabi as regularly available. Goat was Hari’s idea, the Venison was Hector’s, what a team. Somehow Quail came to mind and we agreed that a portion would be Three Of, that should be an sufficiency, elegant or otherwise.

Once again we had a fine Summer Evening as Hector, [Stan.TC] and Mr. Holden made our rendezvous with Marg at the Restaurant. She was sitting at what has become our usual table, the Complementary Poppadoms and Dips were untouched.

Hari was insistent that Marg try his Chicken on-the-bone as a step towards convincing me that I should try it, one day. Eight Chapattis were the Accompaniments, eight?

As the Main Event was pre-ordered, the wait was not a long one. Two other couples were our fellow Co-diners, I’m glad people are finding their way here. The Punjabi Charing Cross must be the nearest Indian Restaurant to the Hilton et al at Anderston Cross.

Hari brought out the first two Karahi himself, he looked proud. A couple of little Leg Bones pointed upwards, these Birds are tiny. Ricky was still mumbling – Why are we having Quail?

Very Fiddly

The presentation was perfect, the Poultry sitting in the out-of-this-world Masala that Hector and Hari have given the name – Gurmeet after its creator. This Masala is Dry, Thick, and full of Methi. We like Methi.

[Stan.TC] made almost continuous – Mmmms whilst he ate. Ricky shook his head, got stuck in, well as far as one can – Very Fiddly was the overwhelming conclusion. Very Tasty also kept being stated. For once Ricky felt he could have done with some more Masala, unheard of. Hector realised that the discolouration of the flesh suggested that the Meat had absorbed the flavour of the Masala in the same way that its Chicken counterpart does not. Ricky felt that the Quail was a standout because of the time taken in its preparation compared to the Chicken.  I retain the belief that Chicken could be prepared for weeks and make no difference.  Nando’s however is the exception, but there one has a Bottle of Peri Peri to hand throughout.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, Glasgow beats Bradford hands down.

Marg had the same Masala with her Chicken. She was defeated with a couple of bits of Chicken left. I had to try it. The sheer mass of Meat felt strange, the lack of taste from the interior was most evident. The Quail immediately proved its worth, fiddly or not, it is by far a better Bird to put in a Curry.

The Bill

£51.35. The Quail dish was slightly more expensive than a normal Lamb Dish, as expected. I had also asked that three be in each serving. Ricky had paid £4.00 plus for his singular Bradford Quail, so £13.50 was commensurate.

The Aftermath

As is written, the best part of dining out is the post Curry chat with Mein Host. Hari sat with us and we discussed the future. He is planning on purchasing a band-saw so that the butchery of the Venison will be simplified. At present the splinters mean one has to be very careful when eating this dish else the dentist may be required. This may solve the problem. Hari has been selling significant quantities of Venison and Goat.

It is agreed that [Stan.TC] and I will present at a lunchtime next week to sample the Sea Bass. What next?

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