New Experiences at the New Karahi Palace

Not another Curry! Was Ricky’s plea. The Man from Bradford who claims to eat Curry just about every day was even suggesting we eat at a C-Place, in the end sense was seen. [Stan.TC] was always up for it, is the real Dr. Stan coming back to us? After an afternoon on CAMRA business came to a conclusion, Dr. Rick, with the Higgs boson no longer a challenge,  decided it was Curry-O’Clock too.  (sorry, Dr. Rick)

The New Karahi Palace (51 – 53 Nelson Street Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) was long overdue a visit.

Karela, Not Sweet

Do you have Karela today? was the first thing Hector asked the young waiter who oversees the operation. The reply was positive. The usual Chef was in situ, we should be on for an excellent meal – Karela Gosht for Hector.

The Menu appeared to be new, more extensive and informative. Ricky had been looking at one of the Boards. What on Earth is Paye? Not a tax, we concluded.

Trotter ye not

As is written, Ricky is always keen to try the most obscure offerings. He has been talking about Trotters since his arrival on Thursday, he is determined to try it in one of his Bradford outlets. Well, perhaps until last night when we discussed Trotters with Hari at the Punjabi Charing Cross. He described them as being cooked for hours, days even, to get all the Gelatine and Flavour from the Bones.         Trotters = Paye.

In another display of normality, [Stan.TC] having surveyed the entire Menu spotted Lamb Desi Korma. Now this is the Signature Dish of the nearby Village, was it an impersonation, a variant? [Stan.TC] and Ricky went for this.

Dr. Rick, having solved the mysteries of the Universe, chose Shahi Haleem – slow cooked Lamb in Lentils. This was described as something well beyond the normal Lamb and Lentil Curry, another mystery to be solved.

Two Aloo Paratha and two Nan were the Accompaniments.

Cooked to order

We nibbled on the Complementary Salad and Dip whilst we waited for the dishes to be prepared. There were fellow diners upstairs and three more downstairs. Although this venue is never busy the Takeaway Trade is seemingly continuous, or more precisely, the Delivery Service.

Tried and Tested

The Karela Gosht was everything it should be. The Lamb was on-the-bone, tender, Spiced, perfection. The Masala was so Dry. The Karela may be an acquired taste, its bitterness to the fore. Nobody should ever try to eat this dish with Rice, it is very much a meal which has to be eaten with Bread. The good sized Aloo Paratha provided both Bread and another Interesting Vegetable – Potato.

Variations on a Theme

The Desi Korma was again served with Lamb on-the-bone but with way too much Masala. [Stan.TC] announced that it did not contain the dreaded Coconut that a Korma would normally contain, thankfully. Ricky acknowledged the excess of Masala but said the meal Passed Muster. [Stan.TC] described the Desi Dish as very tasty but no direct comparison to The Village version was forthcoming. So, I shall have to try this someday. And not have Karela Gosht?

Shahi Haleem

We all looked at this rarity with interest, it was a Mush. Dr. Rick had to eat it but in the end offered to let us all sample this Novel Curry. Lamb Stovies is how I described it. The Lamb had been cooked to a pulp, the light fawn colour must have come from the Lentil content. There was Spice, there was Flavour, but nothing like we have ever experienced before. The sheer Volume defeated Dr. Rick in the end – Very Heavy, he said. So Mass does have Weight!

We shall see if anyone in the company ever orders this again…

The Bill

£36.80. Under a Tenner each, Great Food, Great Value.

The Aftermath

There were smiles all round as we left. As I have written before, this place needs more of an up-front presence. The Food is wonderful, the Service is fine. More Communication would be advantageous, the new more detailed Menu is a start.

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