Hector is treated to a Superb Curry at Cafe Salma

In the aftermath of another successful Bier-Traveller Tour, Craig and Yvonne, as has become their custom, wished to treat Hector for organising Hector’s Heroic Homecoming. Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, Charing X, Glasgow G3 7PQ) is a venue neither has attended, at Yvonne’s insistence this would be the choice for today’s Curry-Heute.


Before getting down to the business of reviewing the Curry, let the Hector address the matter of an abusive comment left on this site shortly after 22.00 last evening. The Author did not have the courage to leave a name and managed to provide an Email Account which cannot be contacted – hence its removal.

…the reviews are pointless and the style is offensive to read… was the conclusion to the rant. Writing in the Third Person appears to be the cause of the offence. The Ranter simply doesn’t get the joke. As Neil remarked – If it’s good enough for Hercule Poirot…

Who is Hector? The writer has only known him for five years, we are still finding our way. First person plural, Bazinga!

Apparently Hector does not review the Curry or the Restaurants in half of the almost 400 Reviews to date. Whether the Ranter actually read half before his Mother said it was time to put out the light and go to sleep we may never know.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, abusive rants – not.

Hassan, My Son! (Hint – A Curry/Restaurant Review)

This visit to Cafe Salma puts the total in last two years in touching distance with Hector’s former place of residence – The Village. Arriving early, Hector was given the customary warm welcome by Hassan, the Proprietor. You are my Mother – said Hassan as he shook both my hands. Que? He had said Brother but it was lost in translation.

Craig and Yvonne arrived bang on the arranged time of 15.00. Both had been to their respective Schnitt-Haus. Craig’s hair was lovely, Yvonne’s wasn’t too shabby.

What to have? Having perused all the Curry, Craig stated his intention to have the Seekh Kebab as a Main. But what would it come with? Yvonne took my advice and opted for Karahi. As she does like the dreaded Capsicum in a Curry the choice was the Lamb Punjabi Karahi. Hector had Kofta Bhuna on his mind once more, but as Meatballs in Sauce is not really considered a full Meal, a Side of Aloo Gobi would provide the Interesting Vegetable.

Hassan came over for introductions and to take the order. By the end he had made two new friends. The Seekh Kebab would be presented on a Nan which suited Craig. Yvonne chose a Chapatti to accompany the Karahi. Medium with a kick? Was Hassan’s suggestion to Yvonne, this was accepted with vigour. Hector went for the always outstanding Garlic and Coriander Nan to mop up the anticipated abundance of Masala.

The Chefs were already busy completing the order for a family at an adjacent table. It was soon our turn. The Seekh Kebab was a quadruple serving. I was reminded of Craig sitting in Nürnberg eating his Sausages. Craig likes this sort of thing, he thoroughly enjoyed his meal, very tasty – not too Spicy.

Medium with a Kick. Yvonne would come to repeat this phrase for the rest of the day. The Punjabi Karahi hit the spot. Yvonne loved the flavour, the tenderness of the Lamb, and the fact the Spice level was exactly to her liking. You wouldn’t cope with this – Yvonne remarked to Craig, true.

This was only Hector’s second Kofta Bhuna at Cafe Salma. On my last visit I ruined the experience by ordering a Lamb Bhuna but was carried away and ordered it – Hot. The flavours were lost, so today no chances were taken. The Kofta Balls were large, much bigger than those served in Bradford! The Coriander and Methi were to the fore in the outstanding Masala. Now to persuade [Stan.TC] to share one for Dessert on our next visit. The G&C Nan was slightly thinner than that served normally. This may actually have been an improvement, there was more chance of finishing one, alas this was not to be. The Aloo Gobi had more Cauliflower than Potato, the Kick was significant. An excellent Complement to the Meat and Sauce.

The Bill

None of my business. Yvonne did remark that it was value for money.

I was a very Happy Old Hector. Thank you, Craig and Yvonne.

The Aftermath

Once again there was an summer afternoon deluge in Glasgow. We sat hoping… Time to engage Hassan once more. We were speculating as to how long Cafe Salma has been open, it is in its fifth year. Hassan could not believe I had only been coming for two. Today marked Craig and Yvonne’s first visit, it will not be their last.

Medium with a Kick, it was perfect…

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2 Responses to Hector is treated to a Superb Curry at Cafe Salma

  1. Hector says:

    Thanks, Simon

    The New Karahi Palace awaits your pleasure too…on the same street too!

  2. Simon Cook says:

    Hi Hector,

    Thankfully I didn’t see the “rant” or it may well have had a “counter rant” directed at it. As you are obviously a level headed fellow and removed the post you have spared the world from the first ever “curry rant”. Congrats.

    In direct contrast to the points made by said rant I have found your comments both helpful and informative. It has taught me more about the finer points of curry eating and the difference between the good and the bad than I ever thought possible. It has also encouraged me to go further afield in search of “the taste” and as a result it has added a new dimention to the overall curry experience. In fact it was only last week that I ventured to the village ( in Tradeston ) and had one of the “lunchtime specials”, the lamb curry and 2 japatis. truely outstanding.

    Keep up the very good work.


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